Job Hunting Part 1: Searching a needle in a hay stack… just like jobs.

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During my sisters’ time, the ratio of applicant versus work was 1:2.    So even a high school graduate with a few qualifications and skills as long as trainable can surely grab a reputable job.  During my time, (not so long ago by the way, at least to my mind)  the ratio is  2:1  so  a candidate SHOULD have at least has reached the 2nd year in College.   Now, I am not sure what the ratio is, maybe 100:1 what I am sure of is, it is just searching a needle in a haystack, so difficult and so competitive.

Anyway, I just have a single tip for newly graduates who are still searching for a job.  And this is JOB FAIR.  Unfortunately, this is only applicable to Filipinos.   However, I am sure that in some countries you have your own job fairs, too.


What is a job fair?  A Job Fair is an event wherein a lot of companies open certain positions to recruit employees.  This is usually held in a big ground in which the companies have their own booth or places for recruitment.  Applicants of all ages with different qualifications and skills may apply to them.  This is a very convenient way for the applicants to go to their preferred companies and apply personally.  The Department of Labor and Employment (in the Philippines) usually conduct this Job Fair so that unemployed Filipinos and newly graduates will have a chance to land a job.  The job may be for local (Philippines) or overseas (other countries) employment.  The recruitment process is just the same way on how they recruit in their offices.   The applicants go through the interviews, too.  The competition is stiff, however, because this is an open recruitment.   Furthermore, the lucky applicants will surely bag a job after.

There are lots of Job Fairs held to malls and municipalities.   If you want to be sure, you can go to your municipality and ask the people in charge of giving work opportunities about the Job Fair or if there is a schedule in your area.   What is good in the government sponsored job fairs is that you will be assured that these jobs are legitimate. The government can vouch for their legitimacy and if you will have a problem you have someone to file your complains about.

As an applicant, as much as possible you must be ready with the most common requirements, such as your impressive resume, your killing smile ID pictures which sizes are in 2×2 and 1.5×1.5 inches (prepare as many as you can), photo copies of transcript of records (if available).

During the job fair, come in business attire and on time.  Remember that the early birds catch the early worms.

Always smile even after a long queue of waiting for your turn.

Good luck,  hurry up, start looking for the scheduled Job Fairs now.

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15 thoughts on “Job Hunting Part 1: Searching a needle in a hay stack… just like jobs.”

    • so true and very disappointing that the companies prefer those are graduates from a reputable schools.. I mean as a part of the screening process…

  1. Competition now a days is very stiff, there are many fresh graduates having a hard time to find a job they are looking for and end up to what is available. And often times if you came from province you will be less priorities.

    • you know what I really, really like in the government now? They are having these job fairs even in the provinces. so the applicants or newly graduates just need to be aware and updated to the schedule.

      • Yes I agree and one thing I am hoping for is they revised the curriculum in college because there are so many subjects irrelevant to the courses, they should focus more on what is important to more quality grads in the future.

    • and you are right that competition is really stiff… but the people in the provinces don’t need to go to Manila and may stay in the province to look for a job in the Job Fair.

    • ahh this is true really, because the companies are legitimate considering that they are sponsored by Department of Labor and Employment.

  2. They have a lot of job fairs here. That’s how I got the last job I had. And you’re right about going in business attire. Appearance is very important. And your resume, of course. Good tips for job seekers! 🙂

    • thanks, Ahhh so you also have Job Fairs there. Good to know, because I can only speak for the Philippines, here they have no Job Fairs. i just recently witnessed a job fair when I was home… and hopefully Gela would land a job after.

      • Sometimes the job fairs are large and several companies are participating. Other times they’re held in a smaller facility and might be for only one company. But yes, they’re popular here, too, I think. That would be a good place for Gela to start looking. I wish her luck. 🙂

        • she is accepted already… but she has to finish tons of requirements. I thought this is done to 3rd world countries only hahaha now I know that this is applicable at least to your country

        • Ours are usually with a lot of companies and of different kinds, some are also for overseas employment. Some are for blue collar jobs and some for white collar jobs.


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