It’s not Magic, It’s Just System Restore

Often after performing downloads or incorporating additional programs, you may find it resulting to system failure or interruption. So you are not an IT Guru but your operating system has ultimately stopped responding? No problem, system restore is an undo feature in Windows that allows for computer data restoration to an earlier date in time while safeguarding your personal data files. It uses restore point function to travel your PC back in time when your system was in divine working condition.

So How Does it Pose Impact?

After a virus attack, while performing a system restore will in no way remove or eliminate any malware that’s playing host in your PC, it certainly it will help a great deal fix any system malfunction caused by the virus. System recovery is able to restore the computer back in time when the malware attack was yet to invade.

Installing incompatible programs or applications can also render your machine non-operational. You may try to uninstall the program after it interrupts your OS cycle without success and think that you’ve no more aces left. Doing a system restore on your system amazingly works perfectly to remove the unwanted program restoring you back to operation.


However, without overlooking the possible con that system restore has the ability to dig out previously discarded viruses bringing them back to life; it’s worth citing that the feature is quite a life saver during system malfunction. For me, the first time I savaged my computer through system restore after installing incompatible drivers, it felt like magic. Now I know it’s not magic, it’s a Microsoft discounted option with the power to save a life and its definitely worth sharing.

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