Is Your Relationship Fulfilling or Draining?

Is Your Relationship Fulfilling or Draining?

Most people assume that as soon as you get into a relationship your life is complete. When you find that special someone to share your life with nothing else could possibly go wrong, right? If you want to improve your future you need to assess whether your relationship is actually fulfilling your needs or draining you. It only takes a moment to step back as assess how the other person makes you feel, act and say on a regular basis to realize if they are the one for you. Consider the following questions and you will soon know whether your relationship is fulfilling or draining.

Do You Have a Wandering Eye?

One of the main telltale signs that your relationship is draining you is that you’re constantly looking elsewhere. If you think the grass is always greener or you want to turn to, you need to consider being single again. Although you’re completely entitled to find other people attractive, it’s definitely an unhealthy sign if you ever consider acting on these emotions.

Do They Add Positivity to Your Life?

When your partner feels like nothing but a burden to your life, they really aren’t sparking any positivity in there at all. Think carefully about how they add value to your day to day life. Are they supportive of your career? Do they take you for granted? Are they controlling? Do they lash out at you for no reason? Only you will know how much positivity they bring to your life.

Can You See a Future?

Waiting for a relationship to come to an end really isn’t a good sign. If you can’t see yourself with them in the future, you need to reconsider why you’re with them now. Don’t waste time on a relationship that doesn’t bring you joy; you deserve much more than that.

Are You Truly Happy?

If you’re unhappy in your relationship you will know about it deep down inside. Think about your general mood on a day to day basis; are you truly happy? If you wake up in the morning and feel as though you need to tread on eggshells all the time, this isn’t a healthy position to be in. One of the best ways to test your happiness is to ask your friends and family what they think about your relationship. They may be reluctant to tell you the truth in the beginning, but they will make their feelings known if you ask them outright.

You don’t want to end up tied down to a person who doesn’t make your heart completely happy. Consider what they bring to your life and how they make you feel, soon enough you will be able to assess whether they are the right person for you to be with forever. Don’t settle for somebody who isn’t right for you as this will only drain your personality and make you feel unhappy. Find the person that brings out the best in you all the time and you will have a bright and happy future.

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