Is Stomach Stapling The Right Way To Lose Weight?

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There had been numerous machines that has been invented over the years that allegedly promised to help us lose the extra inches off our body. Although some may have claimed the use of the famous Bangkok pills to be very effective, I know that the side effects are not favorable because of some of the ingredients to be controlled substances which has a tendency for abuse.

I admit to have used other pills to lose weight. All were prescription drugs. I was desperate to lose 3o pounds off from the weight I gained from pregnancy because I was really uncomfortable seeing myself that way. And so I tried PILL A for a week. The good effect: I lost appetite which means I was eating less. I lost 10 pounds in a week. The bad effect: It has kept me awake in the evening and sleepy in the morning, I was thirsty all the time which means frequent visits to the rest room. Was I happy? Of course, who wouldn’t be jumping for joy with such progress in a week?! Did it last long? NOPE! Why? Because I stopped taking the pill. I didn’t feel the need to continue taking it since I lack sleep. I felt tired. I never tried taking another pill again after that. I am lazy to exercise because really I have a lot of things to do every day and so my exercise has become the chores that I do each day.


The first three pregnancies I had, it wasn’t difficult to lose weight. But with the fourth, plus the operation I had, it was difficult to get rid of those excess fat in the tummy area. Working at home as a Virtual assistant has made it worse. Too much sitting made my body, well, plumper! LOL But of course, I want to always stay positive so I just make myself believe that someday, it will gradually disappear! (yeah right!)


Some overweight people are not caused by too much eating but because of some metabolic disorder. Meaning, even if they really don’t eat much, they have certain body conditions which make them fat. I have seen women who have become depressed because of this. They wanted to lose weight but didn’t know how. The development of the bariatric technique of stomach stapling had become one of the options given by doctors. The technique should be able to let the person feel full right away become of the surgery done (constriction and cutting of the intestine to shorten the digestive process). But of course, along with the surgical technique should be the discipline to cut down on food intake. Stomach stapling may be regarded to some as a miracle for those who have suffered obesity for so long. But if the person continues to live like the lifestyle he used to have, it is not impossible to gain weight again.


If you were in a situation wherein you are given the option to lose the extra weight by means of stomach stapling, would you do it?


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  1. yes.. I will. a BIG YES… how much? if it is cheap I will.
    phew.. finally I got my internet back, just to read this hurting article. ouchies.


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