Is Postpaid Better Than Prepaid?

When cellphones became the trend, hmm maybe 20yrs ago I think I’m not sure but someone posted about how long cellphones started. I tried to search but could not find it. But I remember my daughter was in grade 5 when I had my first cell phone. A friend working at the PNB branch in Miagao was selling on installment basis, oh probably somewhere between 500-800 pesos which was kind of high then. I remember it was a Motorola. Whenever I hear the ringtone, brings back memories. I was so careful so it would not break.  When I finally turned it over to my daughter when she was in 3rd yr. HS, because she was in the city then, it got lost as with my other old phone NOKIA. But now she has become more careful. All my other old phones I would give to my helpers.

Then it was prepaid, you had to buy your load 30-50-100-300-500. I could barely afford the bigger amounts so it was usually the 30-100 loads. I didn’t last long. So when the post paid plans came out, I got Globe first but It didn’t last long because they did not inform me when bills were due so I went over. Well it is paid now and now I know it’s better to pay in installment when I have money so when the end of month comes I only pay a small amount that is left, sometimes I pay a little more because they subtract it in the bills.

So now I have 3 post paid plans, Smart (because this was my 2nd plan after Globe had it for 10yrs), then Globe again but the minimum plan and Sun. Each of these plans have the minimum which allows 24/7 unlimited calls and text to the same network. My Globe is for online buying and some friends. Smart because I have lots of friends and family with Smart. I got the Sun for me and my daughter and helpers. They were the ones who offered unlimited calls and text Sun to Sun first. I needed it to be able to check on my Mom or daughter when I am in the city or somewhere not at home and my daughter was still schooling then in the city. So I also got my helper a Sun and her husband a Smart so I can contact them.

The Pros and Cons:

Prepaid – you have to buy your load and when you run out and can’t buy then you have to wait till you can buy or someone pasaloads you 🙂 (or pass you load).

Postpaid – you have the unlimited calls and text for 1 month and you can pay in installment like what I do. I pay 200 now then next week till I full pay and they also do not cut off without warning so you have time to pay. They also give 200+ free text to other networks.

Prepaid – You have to provide or buy your own cell phone

Postpaid – you get a free cell phone depending on what plan you get and every time you renew you get another new cell phone and different brands, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Blackberry, etc.

Prepaid – you change  service provider anytime

Postpaid – you have a contract, minimum 2 years (time flies fast my plans are expiring this year already, time to renew 🙂 )

Prepaid – if you lose your cell phone, people can use your number to scam people

Postpaid – if you lose your cell phone you can report immediately so they will block that sim and you can get a new sim card with the same number.

Prepaid – doesn’t have much bonus or loyalty points

Postpaid – you get loyalty points or sometimes bonuses

Postpaid – there are many plans to choose the smallest of 200 up. It depends on what cellphone you want. Now they offer unlimited calls and text to same network on the minimum plans, and some have free surfing the internet for a few hours a month.

So with all these choices I would go with the postpaid. That is why all my 3 networks are plans and unlimited. Now they also offer  iPhone for the higher plans. Some even offer a netbook or tablet with a cellphone. There are so many choices, it is like getting your cellphone on installment with the unlimited uses. On my Globe for 500/month I got a Blackberry Curve. After the 2 yrs contract you can make all your cellphones with plans into open line and use for emergency. Also you don’t have to worry about not having load and you can also pass load to someone with the same network.

What do you think about it?

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4 thoughts on “Is Postpaid Better Than Prepaid?”

  1. My globe account is post paid I it is working well for me. My sun on the other hand is post paid and so far it’s not giving me headaches.

  2. I used to have a globe with a postpaid plan but decided to give it up when I became a stay at hoe mom. Now back working again, I don’t really feel the need to avail of the postpaid plan. Our landline which is Globe allows me to call any Globe number without having to pay extra.


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