Intimacy May Just Be The Key



As funny as it may sound, but being intimate with your partners will amazingly heal you and prevent you from getting all those pains and anxieties you might be having for some time. There may be drugs prescribed by doctors for us to relieve us from the discomforts that we may be experiencing day in and day out. Studies have shown that having sex may just be the key to help us with more than just our aches and pains.

The happiness hormones or dopamine are released during intercourse that helps us de-stress. It makes sense since men would tell their wives that it is their means to help to relax after a day’s work. However, some women sees sex as another task to do which makes them feel tired to the point of getting cold with their husbands.  Well, that is another topic to talk about.

Making love increases respiratory rate faster thus enhances more burning of calorie. Did you know that you can actually burn 7,500 calories a week if you make love for at least 15 minutes with your partner three times a week? Now, hold your horses, guys! Finish up my post before you start envisioning what’s waiting for you in your bedroom! LOL

Sex does not only help improve your blood pressure but it can somehow help you with your immune system by releasing Immunoglobulin A that helps fight flu.

Research has also found out that it can also help you look young because of having a positive perspective. Come on! You glow after having that intimate moment with your partner. Imagine how you’d look so fresh and young if you had it often.

Who would have thought that it can also really help ease body pain and migraine? Imagine how much you could save up from buying those pain killers when the real drug that you need is not in a capsule but just a few steps away from your living room!

Oxytocin, as described in Psychology Today is a powerful hormone. When we hug or kiss a loved one, oxytocin levels drive up. It also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. In fact, the hormone plays a huge role in pair bonding.

Regular ejaculation can also help prevent prostate cancer as it becomes the way of flushing out what the body no longer needs thus producing, healthier semen as well. For the women, it also helps them in regulating their menstrual cycle.

The best part would probably be having a really good sleep after a good lovin’! You have de-stressed by showing your affection to your partner, reconnected and reassured your love. So what’s next? A much-needed sleep to get the energy back for tomorrow’s stress!


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  1. I just got married and I learned so much that could do my marriage a lot of good. Thanks for the tips! 😉


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