The Internet Is the Only School You’ll Ever Need

For a long time, the internet has been used as a way to share information, spread new ideas and educate people in specific subjects. But in recent years, the internet has taken on another type of role: an educational tool. With high-speed internet, we’re now able to create and upload entire university lectures, courses and instructional videos that can teach you anything from making a video game to playing sports. With the entire internet at our disposal, it’s no wonder that going online is now becoming the most popular method of educating yourself. Here are just a couple of examples of how the internet can become the ultimate self-help tool and the only school you’ll ever need.


Online Courses


Online Courses

There are websites such as Lynda that cover courses for almost every single creative profession. For instance, you could learn how to design a website, how to use search engine optimisation on your website, and even how to draw. There are also some specialised courses on the internet. You could study at a defensive driving traffic school online if you want to improve your driving skills, and there are even live demonstrations of how you can prepare some delicious recipes. Some courses are even broadcasted live with the help of high-speed internet technology, making it possible to attend university from halfway across the world and study at your own pace.


University Lectures

Some prestigious universities, such as MIT, actually offer all of their lectures for free. Anyone can log onto their website and access their entire library of lectures, notes, examinations and even videos all for free. Considering how prestigious MIT is and how widely known they are, it’s amazing that they’re able to offer all of their knowledge for free to the internet, and anyone (include you) can take advantage of it. Learn a new skill, study a new subject, and immerse yourself in world class education for free with the internet.


Woman learning online



If the thought of high-level education is scaring you, then don’t be alarmed because there are thousands of educators on YouTube that speak in simple terms for everyone to understand. While MIT offers up world-class lectures, notes and examinations, YouTube is a much more simple and down-to-earth way to learn new skills. One of the most popular types of video on YouTube are cooking videos. With so many cooking channels around, you could learn to cook almost any type of cuisine in the world and you don’t even need to invest in a cookbook.



The internet is a place full of individuals from all walks of life, making it a fantastic place to find a mentor to teach you specific skills in different areas of life. A popular thing to learn from a mentor on the internet is fitness. You can find personal trainers that are willing to help you over the internet. They’ll devise a diet that is suited to you, they’ll motivate you to exercise, and assist you in monitoring your progress. Although it might not be free, it’s a private and convenient way to get started with fitness.

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