Internet has changed my life full 360 degrees

Internet has changed my life full 360 degrees

Looking back at my life when all what I did was to call up friends and family in my real life and spent hours over the phone and at the end of the day that time spent gave me little or no happiness.

I am a different person now. I am wiser in my ways be it health, getting along with those I do not see eye to eye or adding a list of countless recipes that I have found on the Net, both through surfing as also through interacting on sites and forums at a global level.

I have found connections that share my interest – cooking,photography,gardening, wine making, reaching out to the needy, writing and so on. I am consistently adding to my contacts and some of them have now become my ‘real’ friends.
The world has to be perpetually grateful to those have made this possible. For seniors in particular who cannot or do not wish to get out of their homes what better way than being on the Net to interact with the world!!!

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5 thoughts on “Internet has changed my life full 360 degrees”

  1. Hello my friend, welcome here on Day2DayTips! Yes, I had been on myLot before and it was a wonderful site. You know what, I am happy and excited to interact with you here!

    • I hope to stick around here. At the moment I am looking around for ‘familiar’ faces. Good show. You have done a marvelous job here. Congrats.

      • Oh, that’s overwhelming my friend, thank you so much! I know that you will make a very important contributions here on Day2DayTips! For sure, you will a lot of familiar faces in here.

  2. When I started earning online, my online life change. I used my free time to earn in different sites rather than wasting it in different social media sites.


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