Injap Towers Hotel – Review of My Stay There July 7-8, 2014


The last time I made a review on a very good budget hotel – the GoHotels in Iloilo. This time I am making a review about another hotel not budget but affordable. They are offering Promo rates for now and it includes breakfast for 2. A newly constructed 21 storey building, the tallest in the city of Iloilo, Philippines. They call it a condo-hotel because the rooms has a kitchen sink and microwave with a mini refrigerator. The 21st floor will be their restaurant – The Horizon Cafe but it was closed due to some more improvements, but I heard it will open this month. I think it will be fantastic being able to see the the Iloilo Skyline especially during the evening while eating.  hope to be able to go back soon. It is not fully finished yet so far the 6th and 7th floor was open for use but another floor will be opening this month. There re 14 rooms per floor. The 2nd & 3rd floor are parking area, 5th has the swimming pool, spa and gym, 6th -20th will be the rooms and the 21st is the restaurant. I am hoping it will all be done before Christmas this year. Here are some things that they offer that I took from their site:


  • 21-square meter rooms
  • Air conditioned
  • Two Beds (1 queen size and 1 standard bed)
  • Kitchen sink with microwave and mini ref
  • Telephone and 46” LED cable TV
  • Wi-fi internet access

  • Complimentary use of the lap pool at the 5th floor
  • Complimentary use of the gym equipment at the Fitness Center
  • Avail discounts for the services at The Spa
  • An Access to The Horizon Café at the 21st floor of the tower
  • Ample Parking space
  • 3 elevator units
  • 24/7 standby power generator

  • 24-hour security
  • Airport Service
  • Daily Housekeeping

The TV was great because we were able to watch something we had downloaded on our tablet. It is very user friendly and the beds were comfortable.

DSCN1365 (640x480)-tile

The staff were all friendly, their tone of voice was pleasing and they explained everything in detail. They treated you with respect and with no biases. There was a family checking in before me with little kids who kind of active but the male staff (in the picture) just followed and picked up after the little girls when things fell, with a smile. You may look like a millionaire or a pauper  yet you are treated equally and first come first served (my impression). Upon checking out the asked any recommendations and I just had 2, the hot water which I didn’t know how to turn on (haha each hotel has different ways) and an additional outlet near the kitchen area for the electric hot water pot. Otherwise everything was great. They really took it into consideration my recommendations and they said they will act on it especially the extra electrical outlet needed.

DSCN1468 (640x480)-tileDSCN1373 (480x640)-tileDSCN1375 (480x640)-tile

I was on the 6th floor. You can see the pictures of the room and bathroom. I loved that the bathroom had a bidet, I have not seen that in other hotels I have been too (and I have stayed in about more than 1/2 of all the hotels here in Iloilo). They even have 1 big fluffy bathrobe, to bad it couldn’t really fit me, I could wear it but won’t close  so my daughter used it after her shower.The air conditioning was great and cold that my daughter and I slept together on the double bed to keep warm hehe. Security is also a plus. It seems like not just anyone can go up the elevator without a pass or with out the knowledge of the staff. You must let them know. I think that is great.

DSCN1397 (640x480)-tileDSCN1440 (640x480)-horzDSCN1443 (640x480)-horz

They have a cute overhead lamp over the side table the TV is place in the right area, they have the instructions and main switches when you enter the room on the wall. They also have an emergency rechargeable flashlight on the other side of the cabinet.

Complimentary toiletries. It’s nice that they are in a bag so it won’t get scattered around. As you can see the contents are complete, even a shaving kit for men! They also have a pad and ball pen to use. I hope they will maintain this in there hotel for the years to come so people will keep on coming. breakfast was from Decos ( I think they own it too) and they delivered just a little earlier than I requested but no problem. I like the way it was covered, we both had tapsilog and juice was in cans.

This is a good hotel if you plan to stay for a while and want to save because you can heat in the microwave and save in the refrigerator. They have complimentary coffee and tea and you can request more if needed and they also have complimentary water and a pack of welcome nuts. Very relaxing and close by to one of the biggest malls in the city. There are also plans to put up another mall beside the Tower and there is a 7-11 on the ground floor.

The Front Office Associates or FOA’s were all friendly and I especially like to commend one housekeeper Jean (sorry no last name was given 🙂 ) who turned on my air con when it suddenly stopped and changed my comforter when I accidentally stained it a little. No complaints, and she did her job with a smile. The names of the FOA were given to me also no last name but I am sorry I did not get the names of the porters or bell boys and other housekeeping but they were also very friendly and helpful.

  • FO Allynn – she was the one I talked to on the phone when I made my reservation. I also met her, very nice.
  • FO Verily – not sure but I think she was the one who checked me in or out?
  • FO Josette, Shella, Jastine, Eliezor, Mark, and Rodmerk – were the others but I guess I did meet them but was not sure but all I can say they were trained well and well informed and work with a smile. Sometimes a smile can make your day even from a stranger.
  • Operations Manager Meriam Lim I met on the day I checked out gave me lots of info, took all my considerations and wrote them down. She knows her job and does it great.

I would come back here and stay again. I hope they will still have their promo rates when I do, hopefully next month for my daughter’s birthday, another bonding day, but the regular rate is not that bad, especially with all the things included. Their Promo rate is 1850 pesos with 2 breakfast, and I heard (not sure) that the regular rate will be 2500 pesos, I hope also with breakfast, I did not get that info. I think that is the running rate of 3.5-5 star hotels here. I would give Injap Condo-hotel Tower a 4.5 star (no one is perfect 🙂 )

I hope this review will help those planning to come to Iloilo for a visit especially during the Dinagyang 2015. I hope this will entice people to check in here, especially tourists.


Picture credits : the pictures of the night facade from Ernesto Federiso with his permission. The other pictures are mine taken during my stay there.


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  1. This is a great review @daisynufable:disqus and good thing you shared it here for the future reference of many who will possibly visit Ilo-Ilo. Ilo-Ilo is a great place and it become more lovelier if there is a place where visitor can stay and relax less worries.

    • Yes I think I will make more reviews of different hotels I have stayed and restaurants soon. It takes time coz I usually research and get my pictures together.

  2. Well this is my 100th post here! Wow but I know others have made more but happy to have reached this milestone.


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