Inexpensive Technology To Help You Through Power Interruptions

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I hate power interruption.  Although they rarely occur in my place, I still prepare for them.  We are fortunate that we have a decent amount of power for the city.  But reports say that this coming year, more power interruptions can be experienced.  So if you are expecting some power failures, it would be to your advantage to prepare for it with these inexpensive gadgets.  This way you can still enjoy even when the power is out.

Power Bank

A power bank is simple a portable power source.  You charge by plugging it into your outlet and the power is stored.  Although it is initially meant to give you extra source of power when travelling, this also comes in handy when there are power outages.  The key here is to keep it fully charged.

Power banks units come in different capacities. The higher the capacity, the more power you can squeeze out of it.

Power banks can be used to power your phones, tablets or small game consoles.

A power bank can cost you around  $25.  The higher the capacity, the more expensive it is.  But I suppose it is a great investment.

Solar Chargers

This is one of my favorites.  Buying a solar charger is a great investment since you do not need to plug them in an outlet.  Just leave them in the sun and it will give you extra power.  What’s even great is that most of the solar chargers come with batteries to store the energy.  It acts as a power bank minus the cost of having to charge it in your outlets.

Solar chargers can give life to your phones, and other gadgets when the battery is drained.

I have a solar charger that costs only $10.  I am still using after almost 5 years.

Mechanical flashlights

Unlike your ordinary flashlights, they do not use batteries.  Instead, they use a hand crank to generate the needed electricity to power the device.  I usually use them when camping.  There are some designs that you shake a magnet inside to generate the needed power.  They are usually called Faraday Flashlights.  Whether you get the hand crank or the other variation, it is great to have one handy during a power outage.

These flashlights can cost only around $5 – $10

Rechargeable gadgets

I love portable lights, fans and even radios.  The great thing about rechargeable equipment is that you get to use them even when there is power interruption.  Of course their usage may be limited, but at least for a time you can still enjoy some convenience of electrical devices during brown outs.  Just having a fan with you can ease the tension of having to deal with the heat during power interruptions.

There are numerous gadgets that are rechargeable.  You can opt to get lamps of varying lumens, electric fans, radio and even portable television and players.  Having these can make it easier to endure any power crisis.

Depending on the device, it can cost around $20 and up. 

Power inverter

This has become one of my favorite gadgets of all time.  It converts DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current).  This becomes useful when you have appliances that only work in AC.  I usually plug them to the car’s cigarette lighter socket and convert it to AC to help charge equipment or power some gadgets.  It is prudent to have one in your car.  One important detail here is to check the wattage of your inverter.  This way, you know its capacity and use only appropriate devices and appliances.

Power inverters come in different wattage.  A 150 watt power inverter can cost you as little as $20.

During the previous storms that hit the Philippines, it was a blessing that I had these gadgets with me.  This kept us comfortable during the nights when there was no power.  Likewise, it helps keep our attention from the difficulties of power interruptions. Likewise, having a toddler with us, it pays to have some form of comfort for my daughter.

Investing in these items is a wise move.  Not only can it provide you with extra comfort and power during power failures, it can also provide you with communication, information and means to connect with people during emergency and disaster situations.  Getting them one at a time is prudent course of action if you do not have enough cash to buy them in one go.

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2 thoughts on “Inexpensive Technology To Help You Through Power Interruptions”

  1. Thank you for awesome tips Bro! I am planning to have a power bank and a rechargeable flashlights. Early last year, we had power outages here and it lasted for 2 to 3 months. We hope that there’s no similar outages this year, but at least I am ready.

    • I do hope there is more power this year compared to last year. but I heard the department of energy saying there is no enough electricity for this year. Saving electricity while looking for alternative sources is important.

      When you buy a power bank make sure you pay close attention to the capacity. the more it stores the more power it will give you for your devices. Also, make sure you get rechargeable lamps that use LED lights. they can last longer and have brighter light..


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