Igniting your Romance Made Priority

While the word romance holds different meanings to both men and women, I believe the weight lies more on the feminine gender than the masculine. Women on the mention of the word gets lost in the fantasies of secluded weekend or holiday expeditions, cuddling under the moonlight, a candle-lit dinner or losing their self in their partner’s deep gaze during a conversation. Ask men what they think of the word, and with their carnal nature, the word romance equals physical; equals’ sex.

Falling in love with someone is the greatest feeling for every human being, however staying in love will have to include defying routine and norms and going out of your way to satisfy more than the physical but the emotional niche of your partner. While men are yet to selflessly author the act of romance, I bet with the right lead and motivation relationships can eventually blossom. Understanding that what may actually stir and erupt sizzling emotions in you may not actually work the same for your partner comes in handy. Romance being the outward expression of the love you feel towards your partner, should therefore serve as that outright assurance that makes your partner feel valued and indispensible in the relationship.

The chocolates, roses and surprises that got her shouting the word yes when you got on one knee proposing marriage should not surface as bait. Romance though not being the foundation to a lasting marriage or relationship should serve as the building blocks to that firm foundation.

In today’s world, many women resort to their comfort zone right after marriage and migrate to contentment, that feeling of having it all soon after the arrival of the first child. If not careful, they tend to shun away sex and intimacy with their partner resorting to solely bonding with their kids. No wonder the need to rekindle romance is more wanting after marriage and more sensitive to handle. The art of romance is self-initiated and in no way should it be imposed. The couple therefore must be able to find the avenue where they both sacrifice and set aside their alone time, away from the kids, away from work, away from all the distractions and hassles that life entails and just pursue each other’s passion.


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  1. For a time after giving birth, I did try to avoid being intimate with my husband primarily because I was exhausted taking caring of my son and for fear of having another child so soon. Not until I had TL after my 4th son did I become more comfortable with being intimate with him.


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