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Finally Jayalalitha, the chief minister of Indian state of Tamil Nadu was found guilty on the trial. Oh, i forgot, many of you might not know who she is. Let me introduce her to you. Jayalalitha hailed from an ordinary Brahmin family in Andhra Pradesh. Along with her mother, she entered the indian film industry and started her career as a child-artist. From there she met MGR paving her way to politics in Tamil Nadu. Until yesterday, she was the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Being a celebrity is all that you need to woo people to vote for you in Tamil Nadu. Jayalalitha was a celebrity and she found it no difficult to get to power. Jayalalitha was widely known as Thalaivy, meaning lady head in tamil. Jayalalitha’s achievements are remarkable. There is no doubt about it. She always had an upper hand in all the events in Tamil Nadu. However, she misused her power. People idolized her to the extend that they can never accept their thalaivy doing wrong.

During her tenure as chief minister from 1991-1996, she accumulated as much as 66.65 crores through illegal means. Case was registered against her. She was asked to appear the supreme court and for her, the case was deferred not one or two times, but 150 times. Before the judiciary everyone is supposed to be equal. And after 18 years marathon, Jayalalitha was finally found guilty for corruption. She is the first chief minister ever to be punished by the judiciary.

Yet the followers in Tamil Nadu were not ready to accept it. Violence has erupted across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and a few places of Kerala. A few people have died. I feel sorry for them. People were wailing in the TV accusing Jayalalitha’s political rivals foisting false case against her. And we were laughing watching the news, i mean, what are they crying for?? For years, she ruled Tamil Nadu robbing their money and now they are crying because she was finally found guilty.

Tamilians have an history of idolizing celebrities. They even build temples for the celebrities they adored. They hero worship the actors. Many of the former actors are now in politics, thanks to the people of Tamil Nadu. If you were in Kerala, you might not be that much lucky. I wonder if the same would happen if it took place in any other part of the world.

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  1. well people can be really that fanatic to something or someone. I quit the show business because of people following me around.. hahaha joking here.


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