I think I have an ADHD/ADD, what shall I do?

Celebrities with ADHD/ADD
Celebrities with ADHD/ADD

Who are they?

(Comedians) Jim Carey and Will Smith, (Dramatic Actor) Ryan Gosling, (Singer) Britney Spears, (Socialite) Paris Hilton, (Swimmer) Michael Phelps, (Baseball player)  Andre Torres and lastly (RNB Singer) Justin Timberlake.  What do these people  have in common? Success?  Obviously.  Fame?  Yes, true.  Could it be intelligence? Hmmmm probably I am not sure, but one thing is for sure all of them were diagnosed with either (ADD)  Attention Deficit Disorder or

(ADHD) Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. Actually there are a lot more famous adults who were diagnosed with such disorder.  However it was reported that there were a few adults who have this disorder and yet were not diagnosed.   In fact, according to WHO World Health Organization  the study showed that estimated that 3% to 4% of adults worldwide have ADHD, with a rate of 4.5% in the United States(de Graaf et al, 2008). Of those, a large number—possibly 8 million to 10 million—are undiagnosed.”

To get a full background of this article,   you should have read the first of the series about Adults who are manifesting symptoms of this disorder.   To redirect you that article or tip you may click this link Symptoms of ADHD/ADD in adults.

Disadvantages of ADHD/ADD in adults

Aside from annoying “presence”, loudness, lateness and forgetfulness and laziness the following are the reasons why ADHD in adults should be given some importance.DSC_5754

  • procrastinate tasks
  • impulsiveness
  • poor organizational skills
  • employment problems
  • anger management problem
  • low self esteem
  • mood swings
  • depression


 What will you do if you feel like you are an adult with ADHD or ADD?   What will you do if you suspect that someone in the family or a friend is manifesting such?

If you feel that you have ADHD or ADD or you suspect that someone (a family member, friend or co worker has) you should

  1.  Seek for a professional help.  It could be psychologists, family doctors or psychiatrists who has knowledge in this kind of disorder and who can further give you an evaluation if you are an individual with ADHD.
  2.  Accept the fact that you have(or someone you care has) an ADHD/ADD.  The more each denies this truth the more it will be more difficult to deal with the problem.


flicker.com through google free image
flicker.com through google free image

3.  Awareness is also a factor that could help the adult ADHD/ADD to re-align oneself to the current situation therein.  The following are the suggested practical and doable actions that each ADHD adults can do to address in some situations.

    • Disorganization or forgetfulness:   Realizing small details like disorganization, losing some things and forgetfulness, can be acted upon at hand.  For example; using of post-it or notes on the white board (posting notes on computer monitor, table or even walls) just to be reminded of important things or events.   Being organized can be learned and can be done.   Taking time to think of the coming events, jotting down notes, planning or asking someone can be a big help.


    •  Mistakes on writing/typing:  ADHD/ADD adults commit a lot of mistakes in typing or writing.  Thanks to autospeller or autogrammar checker that can be installed in the computer so that typing mistakes can be easily corrected.  The touch and go and liquid paper can be used for writing or for the matter, pencil with eraser or erasable ballpoint pens are suggested for usage.
pixabay.com through google image free use
pixabay.com through google image free use
    • Fidgety and over excitement:  Breathing exercises (yogic way) may help in this.  If an adult feels a little over excitement, the breathing exercises may help them to calm down.


4.  Meditation may bring back the grip on lost concentration or out focus:   The person with this disorder may forget that she/he lacks concentration or forget that she/he needs to focus, so he/she needs to be refocused.   Meditation will help to “put the self at the center”.  It will serve like a camera lens that may need to be adjusted once the subject is out of focus.  Furthermore, meditation could be hard for the person with ADHD/ADD  but could help to calm and relearn how to focus.  Thus this helps an individual to center him/herself especially during the difficult or complicated decision has to be made.




  1. Do you have any practical ways on how to beat the ADHD/ADD issues?  Do  you have any question about the article?   Please feel free to write in the comment section below.  Thank you.

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  1. Such a comprehensive, helpful article! But I’m laughing because if you saw all the post-its I have everywhere your jaw would drop to the floor. LOL They’re everywhere. All around my PC, they come unstuck and fall to the floor (cheap knockoffs, not Post-It brand) and when I read what’s written on them I can’t figure out what I was writing about or what the note is referring to. Help!!! I need you to come here and help me. And you know I really don’t know how to file things in my computer. Everything I put in Word is gone, disappeared. Maybe I have severe ADHD complicated by old age and early senility. 🙁

    Now I’m not laughing anymore. :'(


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