I Remember Forever, Mom….Poems to Express Love to Mom…even those who have passed on

I recalled so many things about my mom, but I needed to write in prose. Even while living, my mom appreciated the sincerity in poems (original) and any artwork from grandchildren as well as something I made for her.

A tribute to Moms’ who have passed on is a fantastic way to never ever forget her and remember her even in afterlife.

I wrote a poem in her honor: Here is my poem:


I Remember Forever!

As a little girl, the facets in the frame of the picture the was atop dad’s bureau, your picture signed with love to him.
I stared at it in awe of your beauty and could feel your loving heart emanate from its frame.

I was just a little girl starring up at it, and then, before you passed you handed to me just before you new you would be leaving out earth.
“I am handing this to you in LIFE”, you said. Words which still ring in my ears as the greatest touching compliment you gave at such a tender time.

You taught us all how to Love, mom,
You carried on when things were hard, yet they seemed effortless to you.

Your laughter and humor brings back smile to my face after I shed some tears missing you they are replaced with joy and gratefulness for having you.

As you lay upon that bed and saying your goodbyes, I pounded my chest and vowed I shall never forget who you are to me, you live in my heart.
And I haven’t forgotten and will eternally keep that promise as you did mom,
You taught us well and most of all the Love you gave without condition.

I remember you saying clearly on many a mother’s day, “Every Day is Mother’s Day”
And that is so very true. We never stop being mothers, nor have you.

I hear your wisdom when I need it still, I hear your laughter when I need your song.
I can still remember the encouragement and the gentle push you gave
Which I can recall at anytime I need you.

So, yes, I miss you dearly.
But you are still here within me.
My mother
I remember forever
And your example of courage leads me to carry on
The tradition of family and your lessons in Love.

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4 thoughts on “I Remember Forever, Mom….Poems to Express Love to Mom…even those who have passed on”

  1. Though Moms were no longer with us, they still inspire and left their lasting legacy that we always treasure.


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