I Miss Your Hugs -Mom!

Image Courtesy: nicoleodell.com/Parents hug their kids
Image Courtesy: nicoleodell.com -A sweet hug from a mother to her son.

June 02, 2008 I received a call and I heard these words from the other line “Please come home son”. I never realized, that was the last words left by the most special person in my life, my mom! She want me to attend her 50th birthday celebration prepared by my siblings on the 5th of June. I refused her request because I had planned to go home on the month of September. She was happy on her birthday but she said how much more if I was there with them.

This year, July 11th the whole world will celebrate and honor all mothers out there. Can we imagine how hard they experience bearing the baby from fetus up to 9 months on their womb. It’s not easy to become a mother. They give and risk their life to sustain the needs of their children.

However, not all children’s pays the respect to their mothers. If we monitored the news everyday, from newspaper to television there are hundreds cases children’s hurt and even killed their mothers. A very sad reality we are facing nowadays.

Wherever you are now, please do an effort to greet your mother a “Happy mother’s day” and don’t hesitate to tell them  “You really love them with all your heart and soul”.

When mom was still alive. I never forget to called her on the mobile and greet her, a couple of minutes call to greet a Happy Mother’s Day was enough for her. She was a very nice person I ever knew. I admit, I am her favorite in all my siblings. I don’t know what the reason, why she passed away 5 days before my birthday. On the 10th of July, her casket was in the house and no happiness on my bigday. It was the hardest event in my whole life.

My mom was my closed friend, my comforter and my strength.  Even I have uncounted flaws in life, still she’s there for me. I missed her hugs everytime I came home from work. The memories we had, I keep remembering it until now.

Nowadays, single mothers are common. Can you imagine how difficult to cultivate a child alone without any support from a husband? It’s not an easy task to guide and support a child alone. You will find, why several mother’s left their home early in the morning for work to sustain their children’s need. If a couple find it hard to raised a kids, how much more those who raised their kids alone?

Mother’s should be honored and deserve for all our respect but some people never think what the mother’s contribution to a great family relationship.

There are countries, considered their mother’s as “light of the family”. It means they are our guide whatever steps we take. Indeed, it happens to me and to have a good relationship with my siblings. I keep her advises to my heart and mind and used it to have a good relationship with my family and friends.

We should not forget the role of every mother in our life.

To my wife and to all mother’s all over the world “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.


We salute you all.



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9 thoughts on “I Miss Your Hugs -Mom!”

  1. I nearly cried reading your post. You are lucky, you had a loving mother and you are his favorite son. For us, whose mothers had passed away, Mother’s Day becomes more meaningful because on such occasions we realize how they loved us so much, as expressed in different ways. Happy Mother’s Day to your wife!

    • I keep remembering her memories with me wherever I am not only on mothers day. I knew he love me so much, the way she showed it to me. Thank you

  2. so touchy…. I remember we always have a simple celebration and family gathering during these occasions, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and their birthdays.

  3. Aww, I’m sure your mom would’ve loved reading this! Don’t worry I’m sure she felt this even if you weren’t able to tell her all this before she was gone.

  4. You know what partner all the entries made me teary eye, this is a good tribute to her, yes we should spend time to them while we can because we can never go back the times pass by, I am pretty sure your Mom knew how much you love her.


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