Hug can help patients with heart problem free use free use

Do you know the teletubbies?   Tinky  Winky, Dipsy, Lala, Poe… Ehhh oh…

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Yes they are the characters of teletubbies and they have never been aged.   LOL… what am I talking about?   Ahhh because I remember them saying this  “power hug” which they always do to each other.   None of them suffered  from any illnesses especially heart problem.    Their secret ? yes, you are right, “the power hug”.


How hug can help patients with heart problem?   There was a research conducted on the effect of hug on patients with heart problems.  These were the conclusion.  Hugs can reduce the risk of having heart problem to children and adults.  Aside from the physical maintenance such as exercise and proper diet, it was known that people  who are constantly hugged are more likely NOT to have  heart problem COMPARED TO those who don’t get much of this so called, “affection”

Wondering how?  Scientifically speaking, a hug can produce or stimulate a hormone in the brain called, oxytocin.  This hormone is good for the heart as it produces the “care” and”love” of each individual.   It was advised that a daily dose of oxytocin can reduce stress and heart problems.  Therefore, hug can be one of sources that will trigger the part of brain to excrete this hormone.   Cheap medicine, he, do you agree?

Have you noticed yourself that when you hug someone you like or love?    There is this energy that draws out from you thus you also receive some kind of energy from the body next to you.   Ohhh I hope it will not be misinterpreted as something “sexual”.

If you are tired, would you feel happy if someone hug you and say.. ok rest in my arms for awhile.  (sounds like the knight in shining armor).   Or if you are depressed a hug from a friend even without uttering a word surely  helps.   Or when you feel stress don’t you feel that if someone gives you a hug you feel a bit relaxed and assured?

Yes the power of hug…


  • Hug the person next to you now, who knows he/she might just need right now.
  • Hug  the person tomorrow whom you think may need one.
  • Hug your parents, spouse, girl/boyfriend, your child, your siblings,  your family,  that’s one thing you can share to health benefit.

but take note:

  • if you hug a woman and she slapped you just tell her, “it is for health reason”.  
  • if you like to hug a stranger.. ahmmm.. think twice…  but if you can.. why not, it might be a start of a good friendship, lol. 
  • if you hug someone who brushed you off after,     ahhhmmm… ehhhh, check your breath  or brush your teeth first and take a bath and try it again

   ok.. ok.. big hug everyone … nice

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14 thoughts on “Hug can help patients with heart problem”

  1. Hu! I can not hug a stranger, @mavic123456:disqus! It could be dangerous, he/she might get afraid why I am doing that! ha ha ha! Better hug my loved ones and relatives! Let the stranger’s relatives hug him! ha ha ha!

  2. “if you hug a woman and she slapped you just tell her, “it is for health reason”.” … this had me laughing! It’s nice to have tips inserted with humor… makes them more fun to read 🙂

    • oh yeah, I will tell you when my tips are serious.. and if I write serious tips IT IS MUST A REAL MUST to follow… thanks for dropping by.

  3. Thanks for this tip, i just knew that a hug can be of great importance to us. It reminds me of the favorite word of psoriasis philippines HUG.

  4. Hello @mavic123456:disqus I am sorry if I am late reading this post, but these are wonderful tips! Power hug!!! Every time visits us, I hugged here, and there’s a different feeling… I just can’t explain it but now I realized it’s the power hug!!! As for my girl, I always hug here and I always show how important she is to me!

    And oh, I guess power hug just get read the cholesterol in my heart’s arteries! LOL…

    • that’s nice, yes, just give her the Power Hug every time. Women like that, I just hope you don’t give power hug to her best friend, too..

      you being late, I know how busy you are, so not a problem. and, better late than never..

  5. I used to watch Teletubbies with my nephews before and I enjoyed it. I love hugs more than kisses because you can hug anyone without being romantic with them.


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