How Transparent Are We?

We want to be transparent as much as possible. It’s been a while now that our site is up and running. We are thanking everyone for supporting our journey. Day2Daytips have just released the payment for June 2014, I hope that everyone enjoys their payouts.

COMEX Trades - 6500% AFTER 100 DAYS

Let’s talk about transparency. You have requested us to reveal your earning computation, so we did. Please check your earnings page to see how your earnings are computed. As you all know, we will be paying you a fixed rate for your impression. It would be $1.295 per 1000 impressions!

Is that favorable to you or not? It’s very favorable, while we are getting mixed eCPM rate from our ad providers, you are getting a fixed eCPM rates from us. International traffic could vary from $5 to $0.01 per 1000 impressions, but you are secured with $1.295 per 1000 visits.

Your earning does not limit to impressions, as you are making some decent money with your comments plus the zonal system (word counting). Stay tuned for our official announcement of the Individual Pay Rate program and we will assure you that our Premium Motivators will be earning more from their Premium Content.

Ad Disclosure

Right now, we are serving 3 ad types: in-text, and display ads

  • In-text ads are CPC ads.
  • Display ads are CPM ads. But eCPM will mostly depend on the conversion. The more the traffic converts, the higher the eCPM. If our eCPM rises, we will share a portion with you through bonus during the payday.

If you have questions and concerns, please email us at!


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The Day2DayTips Team

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Day2DayTips is the first Filipino blogging platform created for the whole world. Through this free collaborative blogging community, the site administrators endeavor to provide quality of life to its members and visitors. Furthermore, this will be realized through the sharing of practical day to day tips that is shared through the site.

44 thoughts on “How Transparent Are We?”

  1. I understand you not wanting to give away the point values for the levels until someone reaches them (which is fine). But, I’d love a little more detail on what the levels have to offer. Especially level five where it says weekly paydays are an option. I’d love to know how that works. If you have to reach a minimum, if you have to request the payments, if they happen a certain day of the week.

    Without giving away the point values, I think you could go into a little more detail – just if you wanted to. 🙂

    Hopefully this comment doesn’t come off the wrong way, because I have nothing but good things to say about the site.

    • Hello @trishawright:disqus thank you so much for the comments. No, we already have revealed the point values to reach level 2, but not all the levels… but in the coming days, we have more announcements that would benefit all of you, especially those who are willing to share premium content on this site!

      To answer your question, if anyone reaches level 5, he or she can request a payout every week (once a week, any day of the week). Aside from that, he or she will be given a moderator’s badge. Of course, level 5 motivator will reap all the benefits mentioned in Level 2 to 4.

      Thank you for your great review about Day2DayTips Trisha!

  2. i am annoyed to the one popping out just now.. and because I am so pissed off, I can’t control myself but to eat a bar of chocolate… peace…

  3. Thanks for sharing this information, I hope future updates are good ones that benefit the best value contributors.

    • For sure @philavent:disqus the new program called Individual Pay Rates will be fully implemented by August and old and new members can apply to become a premium motivator and they will surely making more cash out from their traffic. Our official post about it will be published any day of this month.

  4. It would be nice if there was a delay before the CPM ads open. They detract from the task at hand, even disrupting the loading of the page that triggered the ad. There is a limit to how many times one will try to change to a new page if a popunder disrupts or prevents it.

    I know ads pay for our work. Thank you for my first payout and bonus. It is very much appreciated.

  5. What Day2DayTips is trying to do is to make members be more confident that they earn more than they think they can without having to bang their heads in putting too much effort to reach the minimum threshold. Prime and the rest of the team will always make sure to make you happy and satisfied.

  6. I need to email you Prime. I haven’t posted anything lately, but there’s a reason. Will explain privately.

    • Hi @katlnhat:disqus, good day, yes I miss your Tips here. Do you encounter any problem in posting? If there is any, please let us know. In connection with your comment I will inform Prime about it, regards.

      • I have problems linking posts together, that doesn’t work for me anymore. Meanwhile a lot of posts never get read, because nobody sees them. I also do not know how to put the green check marks on my posts and have never seen it explained and the pop-ups are as annoying as ever.
        Once I’m here, I don’t appreciate being elsewhere when I did nothing to get there. There’s one now, I avoided it, but it’s the first time I have and it takes all of my time trying to.

        Why do I want infolinks to pop up all over the place, there is a way to x them out, but it doesn’t work and closes my browser, too.

      • It is not fixed. I am getting pop-up windows everywhere that take me totally off the site, STILL. That’s odd, because I should have them blocked. I DO have them blocked, but they get through on here.

        I also do not know how to link posts together. That worked at first, but then stopped working, quite awhile back, so I stopped posting.

  7. Thank you so much for the money. I could not find time to post more tips recently but I hope I will have more time in future. Thank you for being so transparent. It builds a lot of confidence in the members. I am looking forward to new updates. All the best to D2DTips and its admins.

    • You are always welcome @gulrukhtausif:disqus we will have few important updates and announcement in the coming days, I hope you can regularly check out for those.


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