How to Write Awesome Content Every Single Time!

Writing awesome content can be a tricky chore for any writer to accomplish.  Making sure that the words chosen are able to seduce, sale, and strategically blend into this magic myst of wonderful.  All in hopes that your next piece will go viral, make to the top of a list, or boast business sales.

Words are to be strung together to leverage, lead on, and lure.

Though you screw this whole content thing up, and you have hate mail, hate comments, and your business looks as silly.

Though, writers can only do so much, they are not illusionist. There is so much that goes into making sure that every blog post, article, copy, and content is an awesome masterpiece each and every time.


Just what is Awesome Content, Anyway?

Awesome content is not just a pretty mess on the screen or page.  This is a true artist at work taking time to craft and a line every single stroke in a etiquette concept.  It’s not as simple as just writing mistake free content.

But awesome content embraces much more than that.

Awesome content isn’t always about good quality writing. Hear me out and let me explain this one.  Some of the best writers in the word cannot create awesome content without knowing what really matter and it’s not always the proper style, format, or grammar.

The flat out dead honest truth of the matter is you have to influence, engage, and write significant content that relevant.

Killer. Perfection. Secrets.

Awesome content breaks the rules of grammar, punctuation, and format all the time.  The best part is they love doing it, because this awesome content can and gets away with every time because people want to read that kind of writing.

It’s a myth these days to be a good writer takes all the right techniques, knowledge, and book smart.


The truth is it takes awesome content to make sales, market concepts, share stories, push hot buttons, creates clicks, solidify brands, or pulls emotional triggers.

The truth is awesome content has the power to impact tribes, gets in the head of the readers, and persuades them on decisions and choices one way or the other.

The truth is awesome content is always shared, retweeted, on the top list, emailed out, and even liked on Facebook.

The Secret on How You Can Learn to Write Awesome Content

So you want to learn how to be an awesome writer, then ditch your fancy titles, put down your classical novels, and forget about coming up with the next Moby Dick aka classical novel. None of that is going to help you in today’s tech savvy writing world.

Yes this means you have permission to throw away The Illiad of Homer. (Shocked?)

Instead pick up a copy of Advertising Secrets of the Written Word. Enjoy The Predictably Irrational.  Grab a Purple Cow and take action. Read Influence by Robert Cialdini. Any one will do.

Then here is the secret. Are you ready? Are you listening?


Just do it. Take action, put the pen to the paper or the finger tips to the keywords and start writing today.  From the suggested books above you’re going to learn very little about writing.  These books give the real secrets in what motivations, triggers, and ideas that will move and influence others to the words that are written.

That’s the bottom line awesome content is what moves people into action.  That’s called results and we all want to see our writing produce results!

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

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  1. hiii prime this is very a difficult jo for me to write a awsm content every single time but after reading this ……..very nice n informative information thnx for share bro

  2. I followed you from itechcode to here and to be honest with you, I’m truly impressed.
    Writing awesome contents are all about writing and writing. Whether your content is awesome or not, that’s would be determined by the reader.


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