How To Work with Someone You Hate

There is no “I” team.  Even though that’s a worn out adage, it still holds true.  But how do you deal with teammates you practically detest?  Well, that’s difficult.  If there’s no way out then you have to do the following in order make sure the team moves forward.

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Focus on the team’s objectives

This is the fundamental step when working with a team.  Whether you like the team members or not this is the key to making the whole group move as one unit.  When everyone focuses on the objective and not on personal issues, then there is still a bright future.

Listen to others

When you hate someone, it’s easy to dismiss whatever they say as useless garbage.  But fight the urge to do this.  As repulsive as they may be, what they may say can benefit the whole team.  So curb that feisty attitude and tone down the snide remarks.

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Be tactful and professional

When emotions go out of control, the words you use will do the same.  It’s difficult to work with someone you detest.  But when there’s nothing you can do about it, be tactful and professional. Any snide remarks can derail the team’s progress.  So choose your words properly. The way you handle yourself is vital when working with people you really hate.  Every detail becomes important as you will be scrutinized on every level – I’m pretty sure you will do the same to others.  But remember that functioning as a team requires cooperation.  As such, do your best to contribute to the team in every possible way.

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5 thoughts on “How To Work with Someone You Hate”

  1. If there is a need to be “plastic” just so the team would be able to work together well, I got no qualms about it. It may be hard to really be your usual self, but thinking how much our cooperation will benefit the whole team and the company we are working on, should be a good reason to do our best.

  2. Working with someone you have an ill feeling is truly a tough one, as long as it doesn’t affect my job and my part I have no problem about it, in my previous job it brings a positive effect on me because I strive more to be better.

  3. You offer some good tips here. It is definitely hard working with someone you hate or can’t stand. Takes a lot of willpower to keep your cool and not lose it.

  4. Every individual has a purpose on this earth. Every person can teach you something. Find that something. Make it a mission to find common ground for the two of you to stand on. Build the relationship from there.

  5. In my part, it was not me who hated someone at work but someone hated me for unknown reason. It was my direct supervisor who hated me and i can say it because she told me on face these words which I could not forget, “I don’t like you.” If I’ll relate it here it would require more than 300 words. So I planned of writing it later as a tip. That happened over 5 years ago and yet we still work together.


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