How to Use Stumble Upon To Increase Targeted Traffic and Improve SEO

Here are the most important questions to consider if you decide to use Stumble Upon or not.

  1. Does Stumble Upon increase my traffic? Yes.
  2. Do I use Stumble Upon on a regular basis? Yes.
  3. Do I find a significant part of Stumble Upon traffic on my Google Analytics? Yes. It’s #2!
  4. Does Stumble Upon provide quality traffic to my site? Yes, and no (you must know why it’s “yes”)!
  5. Do I use a Stumble Upon Badge on my site? Yes.
  6. Do I use Stumble Upon browser add on? Yes.
  7. Does Stumble Upon good for SEO? I am an SEO guy and I insist Stumble Upon helps improve my SEO.

stumble-uponHi guys, we will be focusing on seven important points about using Stumble Upon to increase traffic to our sites. I also believe that this social bookmarking tool has a significant part of my PageRank, recently, I got PR 3 as some of you knew about it.

Does Stumble Upon Increase my blog’s traffic?

Yes. I love Stumble Upon, and I always stumble my post after I publish it. Is it good to stumble every post that you published on your blog? Yes. If it’s informative, thoughtful – why not? Stumble Upon has huge traffic so take advantage of exposing your masterpieces to that popular social network.

How to use Stumble Upon?

Discover your post. Stumble it for the very first time and supply the right tags, keywords, and summary of your post.

Do I Stumble on a regular basis?

Yes, I do. The more you stumble, the more you get traffic… and the more you build your connections, the more you can get traffic and stumbles!

  • Stumble your best publications
  • Find your interests
  • Make friends
  • Stumble your interests – like them
  • Discover relevant contents other than your own
  • Make it a habit

Does Stumble Upon traffic share a significant part of my Google Analytics traffic report?

Yes. It’s on number 2! Okay, am not getting millions, but a start-up blog you should appreciate little improvements on your traffic… One secret – do not check your analytics or pageviews every day. You might get disappointed.

Check it like once a month and you will be surprised. I am surprise with how COD increases unique visitors this March 2013… well, am not revealing it yet or unless you will privately ask me (LOL)!

Does Stumble Upon brings quality and targeted traffic to your site or blog?

Yes, and no. We will find out, and you will be surprised how simple the answer is.

  • Yes – if you are writing quality contents, bounce rate is low. People may find it worthy spending some time reading your post. Putting keywords or tags every time you discover your post play a vital rule.
  • No – well, if your content is another “garbage” and “spun” content on the web… I guess it’s not worth it, and if you ask me I won’t like it…

Do I committed a mistake on stumbling? Yes, I am human, and I even stumbled my “garbage” content and I found it regretful.

Do I use Stumble Upon Badge on my blog?


Of course. Not all your readers and visitors use the browser add on. Peoples are in a hurry like me. When I visited helpful blogs out there I won’t mind sharing them to social networks… as long as I enjoy reading their contents – but If I can’t find a way to share it, I won’t waste time unless the piece am reading is top notch!

  • Try Sharethis or Addthis – they are great social sharing tools available today!

Do I use browser add on for Stumble Upon?


Yes. Honestly, 24/7 is not enough for me to do everything in my life. I have my work. I have my sidelines to make some extra money online. I have my personal life. Oh no – what’s left? I might have consumed all day to try to finish all the important tasks without sleep! Am a zombie!

Thanks to browsers add ons – one of them are Stumble Upon extension for major used browsers like Mozilla and Chome! Use it too and make stumbling easier than ever!

This is one of the most important questions – does Stumble Upon improve SEO? Does it contribute to your backlinks?

In many ways, yes. Don’t you think Stumble Upon is not loved by Google crawlers? They are crawled every second and so does your link! The more links, the more backlinks a simple concept.

Anyway, I have Googled some dofollow social bookmarking tools you can use. Anyway, choose few, you are not a robot to do all social networks available today.

Don’t forget to check all the links I included in this sub-heading, they can better explain how you can use Stumble Upon to increase targeted traffic to your blogs and how you can use this social network to build more backlinks to your site to improve SEO.

From one my favorite blog – find out why you should not ignore Stumble Upon.

May I hear your thoughts? Do you agree with me or not?

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

16 thoughts on “How to Use Stumble Upon To Increase Targeted Traffic and Improve SEO”

  1. Hi Prime,
    Looks like I am the first visitor here, good for me 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your tips on stumble upon. You mentioned very good tips for me, I didn’t use the keyword and the summary when stumbling my posts 🙁
    I also check my Google analytics on a daily basis, seems like I should stop that habit !
    I use Add this and I totally agree, it’s a great tool.
    Now to my question: Are all ” links to your site” at (Google webmaster tool) dofollow links, are they considered by Google when ranking? If yes, I may add that Pinterest has a significant affect on backlinks. Do you agree?
    I will follow your tips, and let you know at the end of April 🙂

    • Hi Dima,

      You are my first visitor and I am happy that you find this article about SU helpful. Actually, no one can stumble unless someone has discovered useful pages and posts on the web. That’s why you need to discover it first, then someone can stumble that. Just like they discovered relevant pages so you can stumble on your end.

      I am not sure, but I guess it’s not all dofollow, it’s just report – but from there you can see how important those links are too your site. Are sites linked to your blog are relevant? I mean, do they have relationship with each other? Are they talking the same or related topics?

      So, I know that you are very eager to read post about pinterest – now instead of rewriting myself I will give you a link here. To summarize, connections and presence is helpful for SEO. Pinterest is one of the most visited social media today, and it is supposed to use that way… it’s not a tool for SEO but a community for SEO. Using Stumble Upon has pretty the same concept – connections, not all self-promotions ( and I am going to work hard more for that Dima).

  2. Hi Prime,

    There’s so much information here. For someone like me who’s been dragging my feet with social media this is quite a tutorial. I didn’t know you could stumble your own article.

    I’ll have to pore over this some more and start taking notes here. Be ready for the questions coming up but thanks for sharing this lesson on how to best use Stumble Upon.


    • Hi Jen,

      Good to see you here my friend! Yes, social media has a lot of interesting rules for make money blogging, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, and especially making money on the internet programs in general. It’s medium to our prospects and search engines.

      Actually, the term is not stumbling, it’s discovering. Since you need to discover your post first before anyone can stumble it. But, when your article is viral, visitors may discover it first, and then you can stumble it the next time around.

      Discovering is done to recognize helpful contents – so it can go viral for others to benefit… that’s the concept behind, however Stumble Upon is not a tool, it’s a community, so our participation to the community of stumblers is necessary so we can make use of its benefits (traffic and backlinks)! 🙂

      Anyway, am ready for your questions my friend.


  3. Great article Prime, I hadn’t actually heard of stumble upon before (Am I living under a rock?! – Probably! lol) – Will look into using it, also keen to get a break down on the SEO tips (or template?) for when writing blog posts. Keep up the great work


    • Hi Josh, how are you? It’s not long ago that I realized that Stumble Upon is a great tool for building traffic to my blog and SU continue to amaze me. You should be using it too bro. I am also continue learning how to use it strategically!

      How is your site? How is blogging on your fitness career? I hope I can still work with you soon 🙂

  4. Hey Prime,

    Social media Rocks!! Stumbleupon ROCKS!! And you rocked this article! I was on stumbleupon a long long time ago and after reading this article your talking me into going back to stumbleupon! With Pinterest and other social media out there I believe stumbleupon has become this nice hidden gem and a lot of people including myself forget about it.

    Thanks for bring this to all of our attention!


    • Hey Eric,

      Correct! After reading Ms. Ileane’s blog, I realized that we must not ignore Stumble Upon! Thanks that I am using it regularly to promote COD. I am learning new techniques everyday and I believe that SU can help me promote my blog without cost!

      Pinterest, twitter and Google Plus are also part of my list! I am narrowing down my focus for social media man so I can make use of them strategically!


  5. hiii bro
    after a long time i m visiting your blog thnx for the nice tips How to Use Stumble Upon To Increase Targeted Traffic and Improve SEO will try it on my new blog will share it to

  6. Primedizzle,

    What’s up P-Dizzle !! I hired you on fiverr, to do various task for me, I am also going to have you to build a Genesis Template to match my original Template.. I came to your blog, because I see that were in the same niche. Awesome blog, Prime. Let’s network!

    gregory smith

    • Hey Gregory, I like that Dizzle thing, and you let me Googled! Yeah, let’s network and I am ready to build your custom genesis child theme that match your original theme on Thesis.

  7. I often uses this method to drive traffic,These are some instant traffic.It wont bring any good i think . Always try to get some organic traffic from search engines,that will help you in improving pagerank. Only advantage stumble upon gives is it gives a high pr backlink. Please correct me if my view about stumble upon is wrong.


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