How to travel with little money?

Would you like to travel?

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In my case, and I imagine that in the case of other persons, I dreamt about visiting other places in and outside my country. The problem is as in many other cases money! So these are some tips to help you plan your trip with enough time

  1. Stop thinking in the last minute to travel. Sometimes if you just think “oh how would it would be to go on vacations to this place” you will probably will not do it. Or if you do it, it will be more expensive.
  2. So plan where are you willing to go for your next vacations one year in advance if that is possible. And start saving the money so the final pain when you decide to pay for your travel will not be that hard.
  3. If you can afford to buy the tickets in advance just do it. Most airlines and travel agencies offer very interesting plans for those who buy them with 6 months in advance regularly.
  4. Also consider, visiting websites such as They offer a new way of traveling where people that need an extra help in their cities are looking for a tourist wanting to save money. In most of the offers you will receive accommodation, food and in some cases pocket money just for some hours helping this person doing some tasks. And why not? It is also welcome to stay with a local person that can show you his/ her city


And what are your tips to travel with little money

6 thoughts on “How to travel with little money?”

  1. It is really advisable to purchase tickets ahead of time as they are a lot cheaper than buying them a few weeks or few days before leaving. Preparing for the trip ahead of time will enable to get to know places where there is no need to spend too much.

    • Yes, tickets are really inexpensive if bought way ahead of time. My wife and i often get tickets for trips scheduled several months in the future.

  2. This tip reminds me of a back packers blog that I’d been following for quite sometime, they can travel from one place to another with less expense. Those tips are applicable for all adventurous type of traveler. Planning ahead of time and booking early is helpful if you want to save some for your vacation.


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