How to take care of our eyes

Nowadays, many people suffer because of eye problem. In fact, I am one of them. I can even say that our eyes is the most important sense organs of our body. Without vision,  you can’t see our love ones, cars, houses, and even our faces.

We all know that our eyes is not immortal. It’s part of our body, and, of course, we need to care of it. But the question is how can we maintain it?

I may have a little idea about it but maybe it will save you after reading this.

  • When reading, do not use your both eyes at the same moment. Alternately use them page by page. Maybe it surprises you but it’s one of the best advice from the old days.
  • When using or looking at your computer, stop every 20 minutes, and then look to the far.
  • Eat healthy foods to avoid early aged-related problem.
  • Never smoke.
  • Protect your eyes against ultraviolet rays by wearing sunglasses.
  • Protect your eyes when you’re at hazardous working area by wearing goggles or any safety glasses.
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Grace Ocariza

6 thoughts on “How to take care of our eyes”

  1. so just think of once, how much Louis Braille helped the civilisation after making braille.Its true we cant see our loved once, but no will remain illetarate any more.

  2. taking care of our eyes is very important, I remembered few years ago when I got an accident and I lost my eye sight for a period of time. My life is miserable thank God its just temporary.


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