How To Survive Without Your Bug-Out Bag

We all know that in cases of emergency, it’s best to have a Bug-Out Bag prepared. If you’re not at that level yet, don’t worry. We have plenty of information on how you can best get yours prepared. But this article is about the times you don’t have a bag with you. You never know when you might be stuck in the middle of a crisis. You’re prepared at home, but you need to be prepared wherever you are. For that purpose, we’re going to tell you the very basic things you need for survival when you’re caught far from home. These are things you should keep on yourself at all times.

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The means to get clean water

Image from Wikimedia
Image from Wikimedia

Obviously, you won’t be able to carry standard water bottles with you wherever you go. That would be too cumbersome. But you might find yourself in dire need of water when you’re surviving far from home. We recommend finding the right collapsible water bottle for you, whatever fits on your everyday satchel, bag or in a pocket. You should always have water purification tablets at hand, too.

The right clothing

This is important. You need to wear clothes that can survive the elements and protect you. The two most important parts of your ensemble are your jackets and boots. For jackets, you need something that can shelter you from the rain but also with lots of space. The right jacket can make the rest of this list all the easier to carry. Lowa combat boots are the kind of boots you need, with durability, hard leather grips and strong support for your lower legs.

Pocket knife

Image from Wikimedia
Image from Wikimedia

The handiest tool for helping start fires, hunting, skinning, cooking, bushcraft and even self-defence. You absolutely need a pocket knife with you at all times for versatility alone. Here’s a guide on some of the best on the market. Just make sure that whatever you get complies with the laws of your area. You don’t want to get in trouble or have it confiscated before you need it.

A compass and the knowledge to use it

Image from Flickr
Image from Flickr

As a people, we have become far too reliant on technology. There will be a time when maps and directions aren’t available at hand. The majority of people don’t believe such a time will come but we’ll be the ones equipped with the knowledge to survive it when it does. Always keep a map on you of the area you’re spending time in and a compass. Here you can learn how to make use of it. We recommend taking the time out to learn even more as this will undoubtedly become a vital skill

The rest

For all of the above and following, you will need waterproof containers, such as sealing bags. You should have a waterproof jacket by this stage, but it doesn’t hurt to be doubly prepared. There are miniature first aid kits you can get to keep on top of any small cuts or injuries until you acquire better. Finally, make sure you have a durable, energy efficient pocket flashlight with you at all times. There’s a high probability you will need to rely on your skills at night and in an area where electric light is no longer available. But whatever time you need to rely on your skills for survival, this guide will give you a drastically better chance than most.

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