How to sign up to Second Life-Learn Needed Skills

Second Life is a virtual world community where many people go to meet other like minded people and be what they want to be in a virtual world where they cannot be who they are in the real world. My experience started with needing to make money, I had a friend who made over $5,000.00 U.S.D. Being a clothing and avatar maker so I thought ” I want to be able to do that to” Here are the steps I took to sign up to Second Life.

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1. Head over to second life and you’ll come to a place that will have this.

2. Click the Join Now button and then it will bring you to a new window.

These are the new mesh avatars, we didn’t have these when I signed up back in 2007. This is the human set and now there is a vampire set as well, you can choose one of them also, there is even zombies in there that you can pick from!

There are also the general classic avatars which are not as good as the mesh.

3. Once you choose your avatar you will then need to select a name and then choose “Check Availability”, once you have that established it will bring you to another screen.

4.  The next screen will take you to a place where you fill out all of your information, complete that and then it will prompt you to download the virtual world.

5. Download the game and finally install, once you’ve got it installed then you will want to open the game use your user name and password you’ve selected and you will be brought into a place we like to call “Help Island” on this island you learn how to walk, interact with people, fly and so much more. Eventually you will be able to do more things in Second Life to interact with others, welcome to SL!

6. So in essence why would it be important to join Second Life Exactly? You could learn better social skills and work ethnics, in SL you can start your own business, interact with more people and that is where you would more than likely develop your skills more, you can also learn business ups and downs of how to run a successful business in a virtual world and then share that with other people you come in contact with.

Second Life is also a teaching platform, come to find out a lot of Schools and Universities use Second Life to Teach students about 3D worlds, graphics ,modeling and a whole bunch of amazing things.

-Like in the real world if you wish to work in Second Life you will need to fill out an application and yes sometimes a little bit of a resume, these are all skills you need in life in order to earn yourself jobs and bring income.



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