How to Separate Dogs that are Fighting Each Other

picture is mine
picture is mine

I was reading the other day on what to do when your dog or if you see some dogs that are fighting. The first thing is never go in between right away or else you will be the one bitten. I read some of their suggestion. Some I have done and some I just knew. I will post some of their suggestions and mine too. They are very helpful so that no human and no dog will be really harmed.

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Some of these are helpful if in your home and some can be used if this happens outside when you are walking your dog or if you see some other dogs fight. Here are some suggestions:

  • If you have a stick or broom some suggest that you push against the chest of the aggressive dog.
  • If you are wearing pants and shoes you can use your feet. Just push away so the other dog can get away (I hope). If they are your dog another family member can get the other one.
  • Another suggestion was to step on the front legs to distract them.
  • Sometimes I would slap my slippers or stick on the floor besides them so they would also get distracted.
  • I would slap the behind of the aggressor but not to hard to hurt or cut the dogs. Just enough to distract them and I usually use my slippers or a small stick
  • Throw water over them. I noticed cold water works better.
  • There was one who said to throw a quilt or blanket over them. Maybe a towel, rug or rag would work. Never tried this yet.
  • Pull the hind legs of the aggressor and raise it up so the dog will be off balanced.
  • They said never to pull the tail, but I do that to my dog Queenie (the white one in the picture). Her tail is strong and thick so When we pull also in and upward way to raise the legs, also she can not turn around to bite you because you are lifting her hind legs up.
  • Sometimes they say if you shout and make noise they will separate but while I shout I splash water or do one of the other suggestions.
  • Have a spray bottle of water mixed with vinegar and spray at them. It will not harm them but will also distract them and they run away. Usually 50-50 water and vinegar. Sometimes I use alcohol and spray on them but not to their eyes.
  • If they are wearing collars or leashes pull them apart, fast because sometimes they will turn around and bite, but so far they just pull away, they have not turned around to bite me.

Dogs usually fight over food, toys or attention. So try to treat them properly. When walking your dog keep a strong hold on the leash and be watchful. These are suggestions when 2 dogs fight. If more than one, maybe a pail of cold water over all of them would be more helpful. Never use hot water because you can injure the dogs. Plain or cold water is ok. Then have a broom to use to help separate them.

The next best thing is to try to prevent fighting so if you give one dog a treat give them all and make sure they all get it.

I have experienced a lot of fighting among my dogs and mostly it is Queenie the aggressor. But when they are in heat that is another problem. đŸ™‚

Hope these will help new owners of dogs and others too. Good luck and be careful at all times.

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  1. It is hard to stop them from fighting, as I had seen in my sister’s dogs. She hit the pavement with a stick to stop them.


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