How To Save On Groceries During The Holiday Christmas Celebrations

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It goes without saying that saving money during Christmas time is a frugal living haven. One must heed budgeting tips in order not to spend more than what is necessary.  Of course this is a time for festivities but it does not mean you have to drain your bank account just to have fun and entertain friends and family.  Rather, we have to learn how to save money especially learn how to save on groceries during the yuletide season.

Here are some practical budgeting tips that might come in handy:

Plan your events and parties ahead of time

The first step most people take to learn how to save on groceries especially during the holiday Christmas festivities is to map out the events and parties that you will host.  This is probably one of the most important money saving tips you’ll ever need to learn.  By keeping tabs on how many events you will host, you get to project how much groceries you need to purchase.  Of course, there are times when parties are hosted on a whim but it pays to have a ballpark idea of what you will expect.

  • List down what you intend to serve
  • Take note of how many guests you have
  • Consider the amount of grub each person may consume
  • Itemize all the groceries that are perishable and those that are not
  • Consider the shelf life of the items that you intend to purchase
  • Free up your kitchen and pantry for the Christmas party groceries that you will buy


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Buy in bulk

If you expect to host several parties this holiday Christmas season, make sure you buy in bulk.  You will notice that grocery items may cost a little bit more for smaller packages.  Instead of purchasing smaller items individually, you may opt for larger packages.  When hosting numerous parties this is how to save money on your purchases.

  • Instead of buying from the local grocery, you may consider contacting the manufacturer or the distributor to get cheaper prices.
  • Take note of the best before date and the lot number especially if you are buying in bulk
  • Make sure you count the items and check every box. This will eliminate possible breakages or spills or even inaccurate counting.
  • Some groceries and distributors may have a free delivery service for certain number or amount of purchase. It would be wise to avail of this.  This is one way of saving money during the holiday season.


How to save money with promo items

Have you noticed groceries pairing items so that you can save money?  Well, this is a good way to cut on cost when you go shopping.  Promo items allow you to get one item at a discounted cast – sometimes it is free.  However, make sure you do this properly.  Here are some money saving tips when buying promo items at the store:

  • Get pairs that you will actually use – it would be a waste of money if you will just stockpile an item for nothing.
  • Check the best before dates so that you don’t end up with items that you cannot use. This is why planning ahead makes a huge difference.
  • Some promotional items come in odd packages – some are totally weird. Can you imagine cooking oil being paired with sanitary napkins?  Well, stores will do anything to get items moving.  If you can use them, then go for it.  If not, do not waste your cash.
  • Branded vs the unknown. This is quite a touchy subject as saving money is all about value for your money.  Branded does not necessarily mean quality and unknown can sometimes surprise you.  Many promo items are a combination of branded and unknown, If you have tried the grocery items before, then you have an idea what that quality is.  However, if you have not, then it is not the time to explore it.  You can end up buying a lot that is not to your liking.


Coupons are a frugal living necessity

Your holiday Christmas celebration becomes a success when you throw a wonderful party while saving money.  One trick many employ on how to save on groceries is to use coupons.  I’ve seen people buy grocery items worth thousands but pay only a few bucks.  This is one secret on how to save money that we should all try.  However, not every country has coupons for customers.  But if you happen to have one, then this is a god way to save on grocery cost.

Depending on the product, you may want to stock up on them early on.

  • It would be a good idea to have a coupon binder so that everything is organized
  • Organize your grocery route so you get everything you need
  • Make sure you count the items you are getting. Some coupons require you to make a certain number of purchases to avail of the ridiculously amazing discounts.
  • Make sure your coupons are accepted in the grocery that you are going to. Otherwise, you might end up spending more than you expect.


Learning how to save on grocery during the holiday Christmas celebration can be practical and fun at the same time.  When you value each cent that you worked hard for, then you should know how to save money.  These money saving tips and frugal living suggestions can work well if you commit to it.  This coming yuletide season does not have to be stiff on your pocket.  You can still throw wonderful parties and still have extra cash during Christmas time.

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