How to Remember Those Who Have Passed at Christmas

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Everyone has been touch by death in one way or another. We have all lost a pet or a person, who was very important to us. For some reason, the feelings of our losses become stronger around the holidays. There are ways to remember the ones who have passed away during the holidays.

Keep Family Traditions Alive
If, you are mourning your parents or grandparents a great way to preserve their memory is to keep your family traditions alive. My mother and grandmother bake cookie a week before Christmas. I still carry this tradition on. One week before Christmas my son and I bake cookies and make candy.

Make a Craft in Owner of Your Loved One
Being creative helps reduce stress. We all know, how stressful the holidays can be. Making a special memorial for your deceased loved one is a good way to keep their memory alive. If you have children, this is a great idea to help them better understand their loss.

Place an Ornament for that Person on Your Tree
Many stores carry nice in loving memory ornament. They even have ornament where you can place a photo of the person or pet on. Better yet, you can make your own ornament honor the memories of your loved ones. Or, you may want to look for an ornament that your loved one would have chosen for their own tree.

Visit Your Loved Ones Burial Sites
Place flowers and pictures by your loved ones grave. If, your loved one was cremated, and the ashes were spread, go to the site that the ashes were spread. If, your loved ones ashes are kept, go and visit the ashes. If, none of these apply to your loved ones or they are just impossible to do, you can always say a prayer for your loved one.

Remember, just because someone has passed over does not mean that you have to forget them or that they are still not a part of your life. Everyone comes into your life for a reason. The ones who have left this planet are still with us and are still here. Everything that they have ever thought you is apart of both you and them.

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  1. We often include our departed loved ones in our prayers when our family meet for Christmas gatherings. they are always part of our celebrations.


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