How to put your online folders in order?

If you are a student or you work in an office you will probably receive many emails or you have to work on different online documents every day. The problem is that if you cumulate your information without organizing it properly is that you may lose a lot of time looking for an old file or an email even if you use the search engineer of your email or storage provider.

The best way you can easily find your personal or working data that you manage offline is thus, by creating folders. Try to familiarize yourself with your email and the service provider where you storage your documents on the cloud.

Nowadays almost all of these services allow you to create folders where you can organize your documents, slices, pictures and files in general.

I recommend you to create a different folder for every subject or task that you are doing and a sub-folder for every specific project you are working in this area. This is a would way you can easily find your information.

2 thoughts on “How to put your online folders in order?”

  1. i organize my files based on topic or nature of the files e.g. 2014 memos, 2014 training programs , stock images. It is easier to find files this way.


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