How to put things in order in your desk

Hi to my readers. Previously I had talked about some of the things you can do in order to improve your atmosphere in your workplace. Now it is time to focus on your own desk. These are some of the things I consider to feel everything is in order which helps me to feel more concentrated and ready to do my job assignments.

  1. The first thing is that there must be a space in your desk which should be clear. Give yourself a space to work without feeling overwhelmed. A space to put your papers and pens at the moment you are making a current work
  2. Everything in the right place: Classify the documents you have, the books and objects you need according to the subject. For example if you work as a journalist you can classify your papers by the subjects you are working on and also putting things which are more important in first place
  3. The space on your desk is very important: So make good use of every inch properly. Are there things you can get rid of?, maybe some papers that are not useful anymore or things that you just put there and don’t need them?
  4. Also put everything in order in your computer: If you see many files all through your computer desk you will probably not find what you need. The answer is very easy, use folders and subfolders to classify your information. The more specific you are the easier would be to find your information. Let’s see the example I am giving you. Imagine again you work as a journalist and you are working on the electoral results. You have to find a file you were working two days ago on the historical results. You open your desk and you don’t remember the name of the file and there are 100 word files there. It will take you a little time to find what you need! Now what if you just simply go to C/YourName/Ongoingwork/Columns/Politics and find your work? That would definitely make things easy
  5. Make these steps on a regular basis. Especially if your job is very demanding to keep your desk a friendly territory. For me checking once a week is fine but you have to check it yourself.

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