How to prevent diarrhea in children

It is almost impossible to prevent children from developing infections that lead to diarrhea; here are handy tips on preventing this condition:

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Wash cooking utensils and kitchen counters thoroughly after they have been in contact with raw meat especially poultry.

Ensure your kids wash their hands thoroughly and often especially after going to the toilet and before eating. Washing hands is the most basic method of preventing diarrhea infections that are passed from child to child. Dirty hands carry infectious germs into the body when children bite their nails, eat with their fingers or suck thumbs.

Put meats into a refrigerator as soon as you bring them home from the supermarket and cook them until they are no longer pink. Refrigerate all leftovers immediately.

Discourage kids from drinking from springs, streams and lakes unless healthy authorities have certified the water is safe for drinking. In addition exercise caution when buying prepared foods from street vendors unless they have been regulated by local health authorities.

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