How to prepare yourself to talk in public

Do you need to talk in public for a presentation a working group or for a meeting?  Does the solely idea of talking in public makes you feel nervous?  Don’t worry about it, you are not the only one feeling the same when you have to face this situation.  But there are some tips you can use to make this experience as pleasant as possible

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  1. The first thing I would advise you is to remember that even the best preachers in the world are not there just because of their talent.  They plan what they are going to tell.  They practice the tone, the message, and the ideas.  They repeat their speech in different scenarios until they become convincing.  And you can improve with your time and practice.
  2. What is your favorite leader that inspires you and motivates you?  Do you know about a popular leader on the field you want to talk.  Now it is easy to find their interventions on different debates and public discourse.  Usually you just have to go to Youtube and take a look to his/ her videos.  Try to watch them carefully and learn about the key words they use, the tone on the best part of their speeches.  Although you don’t have to imitate someone else, you can translate this passion and leading skills to the message you want to say
  3. Always make a plan: take full notes of the ideas that you want to express.  Make short sentence for every point you have to mention in your speech.  Underline key words that would have an impact in your audience.  If you previously write what you have to say and study it properly you will clearly understand what are you planning to say and it will help you to suddenly feel that you don’t know what to say.  Read it as many times as you can so that you know it by heart point by point and you will not forget any of the main ideas.
  4. Practice as much as you can.  Read it and then try to repeat what you are planning to say without the help of your notes.  At the end of the day it is almost impossible to recite word by word what you have written but as long as you know the structure of your discourse and how you link the ideas it will sound better because it will look natural
  5. Mistakes can happen: you are speaking in public without reading.  It is almost impossible to give a 100% perfect speech.  Even the most experienced leaders make mistakes when they have to improvise.  For instance, maybe you mispronounce a name or a term.  Just go on with your discourse.  If you stop and repeat the same word it will make it obvious that you have made a mistake and probably you will feel nervous and forget about things.  If you continue with your discourse, probably your public will not notice a minor mistake and they will evaluate the whole of your work.


Remember that the more you work the more you will know about yourself and your personality when you speak in public so you can design your own strategy to feel confident.  Practice makes perfect.

6 thoughts on “How to prepare yourself to talk in public”

  1. I never want to be in front of a lot of people, especially when I was younger. If I were to speak to a group of people before, I would feel like dying! But as I grew older, able to meet different kinds of people, I volunteer especially when I know that there really is nobody else willing to do an important part.

    • It is so nice to read that from your experience you have work on this problem and now you do it fine 🙂

  2. Public speaking needs a lot of practice to makes it perfect. This Tip
    reminds me of my college days when I first presented myself many students. I never forgot how I am nervous but thank God I am able to deliver my speech.

  3. Yes, practice makes perfect, so with public speaking.It’s one of the things I fear most, but with practice, I could speak impromptu once I got over nervousness.


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