How to prepare Banana Ice cream/Yoghurt/Buns

Quantity: To serve three (3) persons
Ingredients and Compositions
3 unboiled Eggs
1 Can of Evaporated Milk or Pint Cream
4 table spoonful of sugar
Banana Flavor of two ripe bananas

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1. Break the eggs into a bowl, and remove the yoke (the yellow part), that is, you use the mucus (white)
2. Stir the mucus very well until it becomes stiff and add the cream/milk
3. You can add any food colorant if you like
4. Add one table spoonful of lemon juice (to prevents pile) if you like
5. Keep inside your refrigerator for some hours and serve your chilled banana ice cream/yoghurt.

How to prepare Buns
Utensils: Fry pan, Bowl, Spoon
Quantity: To serve five people
Ingredients and compositions: Flour-two and the half cups (milk can), sugar- three and the half teaspoonful, Baking powder-One and the half teaspoonful, Egg- Two unboiled eggs, salt- half teaspoonful, water-one liter, butter- three teaspoonful, Groundnut oil- one and half liter

1. Mix the flour and baking powder together very well with hand
2. Add sugar and salt into it. Mix it together and pour the water, Mix it with your fingertips
3. Break the eggs and mix it with the flour, add butter and mix it with it too.
4. Mix all together until it becomes like breadcrumbs
5. Heat your groundnut oil, mould your crumb and fry it, then serve your buns hot.

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