How To Pass Stool Comfortably And Without Pressure

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How To Defecate Stool

A lot of people might have problems when they attend to release their bodies from the wastes and the dirt, well that’s why this article exists, when you finish reading this article you will know what kind of foods that will help you do that, what helps that and what to avoid doing and eating.
So now let’s start!

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Foods that contain fibers:

Try to make your lifestyle diet based on eating foods that contain fibers, because fibers ease the digestion process and make it easier for digested foods and wastes to go through the intestines all the way to the anus (the opening in which wastes are released)
Such foods are: cabbages,lettuce,watermelon,green vegetables in general such as spinach, pears,apples,bananas,whole wheat, almonds,Carrots,broccoli,potatoes with skin and many others

Drink water and other sugar free liquids

Keeping your body dry will not only cause in making your skin dry and giving you a bad chronic breath, but it will also prevent and prohibit you from defecating/releasing the wastes easily and you will most likely experience days and sometimes weeks without releasing what’s inside your intestines so you have to drink water and some other sugarless liquids or liquids that are not ver concentrated in sugar so that your body won’t be full of sugar because too much sugar is not good for the body.
So try to keep your body hydrated and drink at least one liter and the half of water daily, that’s the quantity that your body needs.

Avoid some foods:

Avoid some foods that can hinder the process of digesting food quickly such as fast and junk food, bread, red meat and some others.

Extra Tip:

Avoid putting pressure on your intestines while attempting to release and empty your body from stool because putting too much pressure and pushing much can really cause chronic affects in the future that will need a surgical sessions to get healed and I don’t think you like doing such surgeries so stay away from that!

Did you know?!

Some doctors claimed that the shape of your stool can tell about your general body’s health, they said if it’s in the shape of a C letter then your body’s very healthy, the more curved the healthier your body would be.
Also,the colors of whether stool or liquid wastes can tell about your body as well.

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