How to open a damaged lock.

Damaged lockIf you happen to encounter an episode where you get locked inside your house because of faulty/damaged lock, then you need not panic (unlike me). Here are some ways to calm those nerves down and liberate yourself or your family from impending confinement in your house/room.

Do Not Panic – The first thing to do when faced with this kind of situation is not to panic. Breathe easily and try to open the lock as calmly as you can. If the usual key doesn’t work, use your spare key and see if it does the job of opening the lock.

Oil the lock – If you have some oil nearby, use it to somehow free the lock from its jammed state. Having a lubricant may somehow work and you’ll be able to open it. Rust oftentimes is the culprit when it comes to jammed doors and locks.

Pry open with a hammer or crowbar – If using oil doesn’t work or you do not have oil around and the lock is still jammed and not cooperating with you, keep calm. Look for your hammer and give it a little nudge. This might loosen whatever position the lock is in that prevents you from opening it.

Use a chisel and hammer – After employing the hammer and it still is in the jammed state it is in and wouldn’t open, it is time to use a chisel to try and open it. Point the chisel to the offending part in the lock and tap with the hammer, gently increasing the taps until it eventually gives way.

Call for outside help/assistance – If all else fails, use your ever reliable mobile phone to ask for outside assistance. Remember not to be shy about asking for help, it could save you and your family.

Finally, to prevent the same scenario from ever happening again, buy a new set of locks to keep your family safe.

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5 thoughts on “How to open a damaged lock.”

  1. I was locked once, when I was in First grade inside one cubicle of the girl’s comfort room. I was in panic for a few seconds then realized that I could go under the door, after all! LOL

  2. I always go for the brute force strategy. that’s why we have lots of wrecked locks at home. i need to learn how to pick locks.


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