How To Motivate Others To Become Motivators

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It is a world full of influence.  Although we have the ability to think for ourselves and the gift to follow our heart; influence still plays a huge factor.  One gift we have for others is to share our ideas and to help give others numerous perspectives on a particular topic.  As writers we help touch lives and thus motivate others.  Our influence should never be downplayed as every one of us can have a profound effect on other people’s lives.  We share, we educate, we assist and we motivate.  Being a motivator does not stop as merely expressing our ideas.  We need to help others become motivators as well.

This is not an easy task but there are ways we can make meaningful contact with others.  Communities especially the online world is influential.  Many people are drawn to a group because of the similarities they have.  Perhaps it is the same hobby or perhaps the same passion for writing and sharing.  But in spite all these similarities we still have differences.  And with online communities, we bridge these gaps even if we are thousands of miles away.  Just imagine touching lives even when we are physically distant.  Now, that is power that we must all use to do good.  A good place to start is being a motivator to future motivators.

Speak the truth

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To motivate others become motivators themselves it is essential to speak the truth.  This is fundamental in creating relationships.  The truth helps us gain a better understanding of what is around us.  Speak the truth so that others eyes will be open.  But caution must be exercise.  Not everyone sees the same truth.   In such cases, we learn to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes so we can understand from another perspective.  Truths can hurt, it can give happiness and it can scare people.  But the truth will help everyone grow.

Tips for Motivators:

  • Choose your words properly – the appropriate words can help convey your ideas without prejudice.  You don’t want to dissuade others to become motivators
  • Remember that truths can be subjective.
  • Confirm and validate your information
  • Get update information – what is true now may not be true tomorrow
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Create an open mind for differences

Being a motivator is not as simple as just imparting what you know.  It entails understanding the differences in people.  You may be talking about the same topic but the viewpoints may be varied.  It must be evident that you value varied opinions.  Although you may disagree, it does not mean you have to sever ties.

When we realize that no mind is alike we can understand that opinions will inevitably differ.  Acknowledging this reality and helping others to understand this as well will touch lives in a profound manner.

Tips for Motivators:

  • Talk to more people so you can learn how others think
  • Diversity in ideas can widen your perspective – get in touch with people with views different from yours
  • Learn patience especially when others do not have it
  • Understand that culture, society and even age can

Let learning grow

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I am an advocate of learning.  The moment we stop learning is probably the day you die.  Influence others to have this same mindset.  This world has a lot of things to share – a lot more than a lifetime can handle.  But however limited, we must take in as much as we can.  When we motivate others to learn more, we empower others to grow as well.  Remember that learning can free us from the shackles that tie us down.  As I always say, we must learn new things, relearn those that we have forgotten and sometimes we have to unlearn what we know because it is no longer applicable.

Tips for Motivators:

  • Read a lot
  • Expand your interests – the more varied our interest the more we can connect with other people
  • Do something you haven’t done before – experience is a great teacher
  • Help others enjoy the love for learning
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Advocate the spirit of sharing

Being a motivator means we have to share.  If we can get other people to share as well, we are on the way to making others motivators as well.  Our best asset as motivators is our knowledge and skills.  When we impart these we help others improve.  It is therefore imperative to advocate the spirit of sharing.  We can do it by directly writing about it or simply being a good example.

At an early age we are taught how to share with others.  But when we grow up, we become to consumed at getting everything and not sharing with others.  We have to unlearn this attitude.  Moreover, we have to make sharing a habit.  When people see we advocate sharing, we can influence them to share as well.

Tips for Motivators:

  • Sharing does not have to be an indiscriminate throwing of ideas.  Sometimes we need to learn when our ideas are solicited or not
  • Relevance is important – information will seem like trivial and unimportant info when someone does not need it
  • Let others share something with you – sharing is a two-way street
  • Be thankful for whatever information you get from others.  Remember that you too can learn from others
  • Learn to listen as others have taken the time to listen to you

Endeavor to spread the value of respect

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This world can do more with a little more respect in the air.  Being able to motivate others necessitates respect.  When we endeavor to turn others into motivators themselves, this is even more important.  Relationships thrive when people show respect.  And when others see you as a beacon of respect, they too will emulate you.

Respect is not something we simply give away.  It requires that you earn it from others.  It is no easy task but with some proper mindset and right attitude, respect can slowly grow.

Tips for Motivators:

  • Respect underscores the reality of being open minded
  • Hold on to your values but never forget other people have their own as well
  • Be sensitive to others
  • Take Stephen Covey’s idea seriously – seek first to understand then to be understood
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Instill the passion to influence

The ability to influence others is not a gift pops out like magic.  It requires adequate attention and conscious efforts to improve it.  John Maxwell couldn’t have said it simpler:  Leadership is influence.  If we want to help others to become better motivators we have to be ready to lead them.  We have to power to change lives.  We have the power to make others productive.  We have the power to influence.

Tips for Motivators:

  • Be available for others
  • Create meaningful relationships
  • Encourage others to become influencers themselves
  • Learn and share the value of trusting others

In the end, when we set ourselves as good examples; we can help put others on the right path to becoming motivators.  We have the opportunity to touch lives.  It is an option we can throw away or one that we can endeavor to commit to.

Just think back, who has influenced you to become a better person?  Who has helped you ferry across the most excruciating experience you have ever had?  Now, let’s turn it around.  Who have you influenced so far?  I’m pretty sure have a lot.  But now, let’s go a stride further.  Why not turn them into motivators like you?

Influencing another to become a motivator starts with you.

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25 thoughts on “How To Motivate Others To Become Motivators”

    • Thanks for the kind words. Although I have our motivators in mind when i wrote this, we can use this to look at motivators around the world. I believe each of us can be an inspiration to become motivators. D2D is a great place to spread the word about motivating others. Afterall we are motivators.

      • That is what the site is all about. We are not just here to post about what has happened when we opened our eyes. Our motivators tell more than that. They would definitely say more than that. The next line would probably be, “…the fact that I was able to see the bright morning light makes me thankful for giving me another day to make myself better and be a good influence to others.” That’s the difference of being a D2D writer.motivator.

  1. I have read every one word of this tip and believe me I was missing that kind of tip. Today in the world in general and particularly in writing world we lacks the spirit of telling, writing and spreading truth in our message.

    • Thank you @Educateurself1:disqus What we write reflects our own ideas and our own beliefs. When people read our Tips and articles they can get a glimpse of who we are.

  2. beautiful.
    but i told you.. I have a problem with selling, so… I tried to motivate a friend to write but she just doesn’t like. FAILURE…a total failure on my part.

    • Well, there are ways to influence people. Here’s a sales technique that works well – FAB. We first introduce the features,But most people will not bite at this time. Next is to highlight the Advantages. This makes people think about it a lot more. Lastly we focus on the Benefits. this is where we close the deal. the benefits are the ones that convince people. It is worth a try. In the end, we don’t force them.

      • I tried so hard.. I even used the “cold” way you know just one line per talk way but seems like it did not work. I tried… really tried hard.

        and I failed. :'(

        • @mavic123456:disqus I doubt if you failed. Did you ever think that maybe what’s good for you may not be good or appealing to someone else? You can’t make people do things they aren’t cut out for, no matter what you think they should do. There are many reasons why a person doesn’t want to do something and it most likely has nothing to do with you or your ability to motivate. Stop blaming yourself for everything.

          And some people just don’t like to write. Period. Just because a person is good at something doesn’t mean they like to do it. :p

          • Now, I am happy, I did not fail at all. You know it is just sometimes, one just need to do the favor another person is asking, maybe it means so much to this person to be acknowledged or it is important for this person that her/his suggestion was granted.

            You know it is just a matter of “trying” and “making it appease to someone” at least personally I do that. If my friend suggest something, I will try to do it first before I say that I can’t or I don’t want, especially if this friend kept on saying things over and over and also explain at the same time. If it is really not for me.. I will tell this friend.. I tried but I just can’t.

            Oh well different perspective. I guess.

          • I’m glad you’re happy. You didn’t fail in the first place. Don’t base failing on what others want to do. If you wanted me to wear a dress you thought was pretty and I thought was ugly and refused to wear it, would you think of yourself as a failure? And if I wore the dress, just to make you happy but I was extremely unhappy and miserable, would you be happy because you think you didn’t fail? Regardless of how unhappy I was?

            Some people just don’t want to try. And yes, different perspectives. For me, it’s a matter of respecting a person. If I say to someone why don’t you….? And they say no, I don’t want to, then I leave it alone. My perspective.

          • i don’t know but i would do it for a friend…. i mean wear the dress she wants me to wear even if I think it is ugly. I will not be unhappy because I made one soul happier.. and fulfilled. and I wouldn’t mind wearing an ugly dress if my friend would be happy.. then later I could tell her.. see I told you i don’t feel happy about this personally…can I take it off now?

            yes different perspective. I guess now I know.

            about Respect… oh well I did respect her decision though, in fact I took a step back and kept quiet about it. I did not push through and if that’s what this person wants. I am fine with it. I never force my presence to people. I know when it is time to leave the party.

          • If I found out a friend did something that made them so unhappy and they did it for me I would feel so bad. I don’t believe that’s right. Friends should make each other happy not miserable. We have our families for that. haha I wouldn’t expect a friend to do anything I asked them to if it would make them unhappy. And if a friend didn’t want to do something for me based on that I wouldn’t mind. I never want to make any of my friends feel bad.

            When someone says no I take it at that. I might ask why but I’m okay with hearing no. Unless I say loan me $5000 and they say no. I might not like it. I would want the money. LOL

          • you thought I am the life of the party? lol. they could hardly notice that I am there. hahahaha

            i think for a friend I can do that. wear the dress the she wants me to wear even if I will look ugly, though, whatever clothes I wear I always look nice. LOL

          • I’m SURE you are.

            See? You don’t have to worry about it. You look good in everything. Ha! :p

          • thank you. but still I have not violated the rule of “respect” when it comes to encouraging someone. have i?

          • @jpcmc:disqus That’s very true. And if a person isn’t inclined towards something it’s not really fair to try to make them do it even if you think it would be good for them. Most people know what they like to do and not do so if someone doesn’t want to do something, so be it. That’s my feeling about it.

          • LOL. I did leave this person alone, if she doesn’t like to do it. I did not push so hard. @jpcmc:disqus I know that it is difficult to convince people. you know from the start I told you that I suck in selling.

        • In the end what is most important is that you did your best and that you were honest. We can never please everyone.

    • Same here. I convinced a friend who is a graduate of journalism but he seems not interested. I could not convince him.

  3. If people could read beautiful and meaningful tips/articles, they would be enticed to join the site, or if not, be inspired of what they read and apply it in their lives.

    • When we share positive and meaningful articles we get to touch lives one way or the other. Of course It would be great if they join us here.

  4. Hey! Love how organized this article is, can you please teach me how you move your pictures to the right side? I’m always trying to click on the image to try to change its position but instead it would just enlarge in size or get taller. Tips? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind remarks. Click one of your images while in the edit mode of your Tip. You will see a small pencil and “x” icon on the top left corner. Click the pencil icon and a window will open. there you can edit the picture’s location. Just click right, left then click update.


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