How to manage your toddler’s diarrhea

Managing your toddler’s diarrhea is not as difficult as it may seem since the condition is more disruptive than dangerous. Mild diarrhea should not cause alarm as long as the child is acting normal, drinking and eating enough. Mild diarrhea normally clears up within a few days and toddlers recover completely with home care, plenty of fluids and rest.

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Keep up the regular diet
A child suffering from diarrhea who is not vomiting or dehydrated can continue to drink the usual fluids and eat ordinarily. Keeping up with the regular diet usually reduces the duration of the diarrhea episode while also offering proper nutrition.

Avoid giving medication unless when necessary
Antiviral and antibacterial drugs are not necessarily prescribed for diarrhea cases caused by bacteria or viruses as most toddlers recover on their own, however antibiotics are given in some instances to young children or those with compromised immune system to guard against bacterial infections from getting complicated.

Fluids are critical for managing diarrhea in children. These prevent toddler from getting dehydrated which is a serious condition in young children and babies. Lost fluids should be replaced through drinking unless the child is highly dehydrated or is unable to keep fluids down. If the child is too dehydrated, it is recommended that they should get re-hydrated through IV rather than using the oral method.

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