How To Make Your Significant Others Day

Life is so busy and it is sometimes hard to find time to show your feelings for your significant other and give them time and consideration. It is always important to show that person that you care and how important they are in your life. There just doesn’t always seem to be time and we seem to put it off until there isn’t time and it just doesn’t happen. But you should set a side some time each day to spend with your loved one. That relaxing time when you two can reconnect and be there for one another. Here are some ways to do that:

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1. Dance together. Surprise the other person by finding the right moment when a favorite old tune is playing(or you set it up this way) and take their hand, asking them to dance. This special moment can be a wonderful memory, something they won’t soon forget. Make a point of showing them how special they are, how loved and cherished.

2. Watch TV together. This can be a real bonding time. Watching a program that you know your partner enjoys is a real good way to show unification and togetherness. It is not just watching TV. It is a very meaningful and especially so if you choose one that your special some one is really in to.

3. Take a long walk or star gaze together. Getting out and breathing some fresh air and getting some exercise is good for your health and good for your relationship. Personal contact by holding hands and spending quality time alone with your partner is very important. Getting out and away from the normal noise to gaze up at the sky in the evening is a great way to have intimacy and  closeness you can’t have at home with all its distractions.

4. Writing a letter of love. This is a very good way to show how much you care and really make your partner’s day. Years after this your lover can go back and read these heart-felt words and rejoice in the feelings it evokes. Find a favorite love poem or quote and add some of your own true feelings and there just is not anything that is more special than a love letter.
These little things can really strengthen a relationship. Just a few minutes spent can be so special and leave such a warm feeling in your loved ones heart. Making them feel special for this period time says reams in expressing your feelings for this important person in your life. The questions and unsure moments that a person could have go right out the window when you have shared just one of these things with your important someone.

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