How to Make More Money with myLot?

Update: myLot was overhauled and there is no more earning program.

What is myLot? MyLot is a virtual community; it’s a discussion forum and a social network. People can join 100% free, add interests, write discussions on the interest chosen, make friends and discuss on their posted topics.

Can you make money on myLot?

This is a good question. Since we are talking about making money online here, yes, you can make some bucks at myLot. It’s a discussion forum that pays; however, the interface is not like on the paid forums you commonly see. MyLot is looking more a clean social network with a user-friendly design.

I joined myLot last 2007, I have a friend on the e-library, during my vacant times I habitually browsed myLot and wrote some topics about my favorite stuff, responded to some nice discussions, and I made some friends along the way. But I have been on and off at myLot. There was a time that I was not able to log-in for more than a year, however, last 2009 I made more money by being active there. I really enjoyed some of the topics, personally written or discussions from my friends.

How to make more money on myLot?

I have said I made more money last 2009 by my active participation. How much is “more”? Well, you won’t get rich, but if you are looking for a leisure habit that would help you pay some of your daily expenses, or monthly internet bill, you can count myLot.

Making money on myLot has no secret formula. You can earn $1 or close to it a day, you can earn a few cents, or higher than $1 if you participate well. Are you going to laugh at me right now by sharing this? You shouldn’t. What are you doing after your lunch break? What are you doing when you are online? If you are not making money from your online activities, you better check myLot. You can discuss the topics you love; you can discuss everything under the sun, respond to the hot or top discussions and earn some cents!

You can cash out every green day (that’s once a month, when myLot logo turns green)! If you make $10+ or $20+ every pay out, I guess that’s not bad. It is just like looking for discount coupons or saving every cent you can at buying discounted or cheaper household supplies. Remember you have made that cash out during your vacant times!

Earn more by referring friends. Of course, they have a referral program, you can make more bucks by referring some of your friends to join myLot and participate on discussions. What’s good, you can invite the entire household to join, and you can discuss together virtually and turn your communication, your laughter into few dollars a day!

You are paid by your contribution

It’s a discussion forum that assembles like a social network.

As what I have said, it’s like facebook or twitter as you can socialize, however, you are paid by posting or responding to the posts of other members, hence it’s a paid discussion forum. I hope it’s clear now how much you can possibly earn by joining myLot. It basically pays for your active participation, and it also measures the quality of your contribution, the more you contribute useful ideas, the more you can make money on myLot.

Is myLot worth your time online?

It depends. If you want to make a living online, of course you might exclude myLot from your list. But if you are just planning to enjoy your vacant times to discuss anything and talk everything to the virtual friends you have on the community, then myLot can be productive and worth your stay.

Some benefits of joining myLot is to enhance your writing skills. English is the medium of discussion used at myLot. It has a handful of guidelines to follow. The team or administration keeps up the quality and usefulness of every post discussed so they might delete some that violated the guidelines. In order to keep your topic, you should follow the rule. And one thing, they are not really that strict on grammar, so it’s a good place to train and practice. If you want to improve your English and writing skills, or your typing speed, join myLot now. Enjoy, laugh, smile, and make money at myLot!

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  1. Hi! Can I ask you something? Why is it that when I post comments/responses on mylot, my earnings don’t change? It remains 0.

    • Hi, how long have you been on myLot? Anyway, yes, when you post comments – your earnings won’t change because the calculation will be the next day. If you log in the following day, you will then see some increase of your earnings. To make it clear, all your comments today will be credited tomorrow. So, when you commented 20 times today, you won’t see any increase of your earnings, the next time you log in (the following day or the next 24 hours) – you will gonna some cents in your earnings!

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