How to Make Money Online with Fiverr?

This is a good question. What is Fiverr? How can you make money online with Fiverr by selling your best gigs? This is a micro jobs site that is 100% free to join; you can immediately create your first Gig and sell it by promoting to your friends via social networks. What is a Gig? It is a service you are willing to do for your clients for $5 each.

How much you can earn at Fiverr?

I would say – huge. Although the fix price for every Gig is $5, however, when you will receive hundreds of orders daily, you can earn huge revenue that can be withdrawn using your valid PayPal account after a 14-day clearing. It means that you can only withdraw the money you earned by completing awesome Gigs after a safety-clearance set by the site administrators. More so, if you already have leveled up (level 1, level 2, top-rated), you have the chance to offer Gig Extras and price them higher than $5, and your buyers can opt to select one of your extras or order multiple orders from a Gig at the same time.

Is Fiverr 100% free?

Yes. There is no upgrade fee. Fiverr will just get 20% from your total revenue. Upon completing an order of $5, you will get $4, and Fiverr will receive $1. If you will check your revenue, the amount reflected is already the net income you earned through completing Gig orders. For instance, if you have completed 100 Gigs, the amount credited to you is $400. However, it’s not bad for Fiverr to take $100 out from your income, as they have provided you a very useful micro job platform that is safe for you and your customers.

What are services (gigs) you can sell at Fiverr?

This is the best part! You can sell anything! At my very first article for COD – I have already mentioned Fiverr as one of the fastest ways to make money online free from the comfort of your living room. Today, I feel the need to elaborate some useful information, so that I can help you make money online now at Fiverr!

Fiverr is an international marketplace for micro jobs, or jobs that can be easily done and offered to several buyers from all over the globe. Yeah, Fiverr has an international market and you can make money online now with your skills and talents.

  • Are you good at dancing? You can sell your moves and make a video of yourself gracefully dancing!
  • Are you good at singing? You can now record your voice and make money.
  • Can you make a clear audio presentation? Can you present products professionally? You have the chance to make sales at Fiverr.
  • Are you good at Photoshop? Can you make quality graphics for webpages or banner ads? You have a great potential to make thousands every month at Fiverr!
  • Are you an article writer? Can you write fast? Can you produce quality contents? You can make your Gig for writing articles and make money online now!
  • What are the other talents or skills you are good at? Now – make use of it. Do not hide it; use it to make money online from home by joining Fiverr!
What are salable Gigs at Fiverr?

Well, there are several top-rated sellers on Fiverr, and they received hundreds of orders a day! Based on my experienced, a seller of a quality banner for websites has 300+ in queue, and that means he is making a good amount of income with his Gig. However, every Gig can be salable if it is unique and of quality. That’s a secret everyone can use. If you can please your buyers, they would rate you positive together with a recommendation!

What are ratings on Fiverr?

Every time you complete an order, your buyer will rate you either positive or negative by selecting thumbs up or thumbs down buttons. If you pleased your buyer, they would rate you positive, and he can add or write a feedback with it which is set public by Fiverr. The more you received positive feedbacks (with A++++ recommendation from your previous buyers), you have a greater chance to receive lots of orders from new buyers, or many repeat orders from your customers before.

What are levels and how you can gain it?

Levels are based on your performance. Aimed higher, do not mind the small exchange for your quality work, it can be well paid off in due time. Observe patience, apply it as you handle you customer’s complaints. Basically, levels are earned through your ratings. What to do? Always make sure your customer is happy and satisfied every time you complete an order!

Each level opens new opportunities, benefits and tools to help you generate an even higher income. ~
Communication is Important.

Communication is the key to meet your buyer’s need. Sometimes, the information they have given is not enough – so always promote communication. Talk to your customer via the order page or in your message board. Let him describes what he wants you to do or accomplish. If you are offering a graphic design, ask him some sketch or samples to guide you specifically.

Always offer revisions.

You are not perfect, and I recommend to you not to deliver an order unless you are sure it’s what he (buyer) “really” wants. If you are not sure – you can attached the sample work and ask your buyer to note some changes. In addition, once your order is delivered, always encourage him not to hesitate to ask for revisions. Unlimited revisions – it can attract more readers as they know you will support them once Gig is marked complete!

Stay connected for more tips and guides on how to make money online from Fiverr! I will write more sub-topics under Fiverr to help you make good money from this micro job site!

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