How To Make Money Online If You Are A Beginner

Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of ways to make money online, and your choices are limited only by your imagination. Many people opt to sell products online, or become professional bloggers. Others choose to manage online communities, or set up a site that involves a particular niche or subject. These are only a few of the ways by which people can make money online.

When choosing a particular niche, it is important to find one that you are truly interested in and will want to stick with for a long time. Keep in mind that your main goal is to provide value to an online audience and to do this, you will have to remain firmly committed to your niche. All other niches will simply distract from your goal, so make sure to choose wisely.


The next step is to plan out your online business. Most people go about things by trying to figure out how to make money from a particular niche. This isn’t really the most efficient way to do it and will likely lead to a great deal of frustration when you fail to meet your goals. You may get much better results by instead focusing on how you can provide valuable content to the audience of a particular niche.

As to how you can monetize your site, the options are just as numerous. Affiliate marketing is a popular option, and it will allow you to make money without a lot of technical knowledge involved. With this method, you won’t have to do many of the tasks traditionally associated with setting up an online business, which makes it ideally suited for those who are new to the world of online business.

Another option worth considering is SEO content generation. This type of content is specifically intended to attract the attention of the online search engines, although it will need to have some intrinsic value all its own. In fact, posting relevant and up-to-date content is one of the best ways to get the search engines to consider your site favorably, so you should ensure that your content is actually useful and interesting in addition to meeting all the other criteria for getting a high ranking on the results pages of the major search engines.

Although it will require a lot of time and effort to generate SEO content initially, this method does have the advantage of “set-and-forget”. This means that once you have posted your SEO content online, it will continue to keep pulling in more visitors and possibly generating revenue for you just as long as you maintain your rank in the search engines.

Making money on the Internet is indeed possible, but it would be best to build your business slowly but steadily, instead of relying on shortcuts, black hat techniques, and get-rich-quick schemes. By doing so, you will avoid many of the pitfalls that so many new online business owners go through and build a lasting business that has a solid and reliable foundation.

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

40 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online If You Are A Beginner”

  1. Hey Prime,
    I agree with you that making money online is possible but many newbies got overloaded with information that they do not know where to actually start. Because of that most of them don’t even started yet even though they were online for almost 2 years 🙂 Great info. Looking forward to read more from your post.

    • Hi Noor,

      You are right there, without focus – making money online is impossible. There are a lot of ways to choose from, but unless you pick one and concentrate on it, beginners can hardly make cents online. It’s about setting our own goal – what we really want to do online and work hard on it. Thank you for your awesome comment!


  2. Hi prime,

    I find your post very informative. I also agree with you that making money is a possibility and even for people like me that lives in the caribbean as i’m from Jamaica. I just recently started my website and i’m able to make a steady income and work from home.

    • Hi Sue-Tanya,

      Thank you for visiting COD. There are so many ways to make money online according to our interests. We can start a website for anything – as long as we know what is the niche we what to build up and our target market! I mean, if we love travel niche and we are doing that in real life, we can start a travel website or a travel blog…. we can post the best pictures during our trips and start pulling in traffic… truly, there are unlimited ways to make money online, but we should understand it’s not for all of us, we should carefully choose what’s best for us – the one we can work with for long so we can thrive 🙂

      I am happy you are already making a steady income Ma’am 🙂

  3. Thanks for your post.
    I am now working on my new blog, I opened an account at commission junction, affiliate marketing is the easiest way for beginners like me, I do agree with you in that.

    • Thank you for liking the post Dima! I have an account in CJ, as well – for the main time I am building my email list for the preparation of affiliate marketing soon! Thank you for sharing 🙂

        • Thank you for asking that Dima, I and my friend are experimenting some good ways to build our email lists – we are on the process. Like what I do here, I offer free web design services for readers who want to sign up for my newsletter.

          So the point is, do not simply ask your readers to sign up for your newsletter, offer something for FREE… people love freebies.

          The challenge now would be – what is the best freebies you can offer to your readers and targeted audience? You can experiment that, if you are promoting products in CJ, you will know what they would like to have for free… so ask please ask yourself. A discount coupon would be a good idea too.

          The second challenge is creating an awesome sign up form and choosing the best service for that such as Aweber, and creating a landing page perfect for your offer!!!


    • Thank you for sharing Liam, yeah I’ll have some look with cash crate, I’ve heard about that before! Can you share some tips on how to make money on CC?

  4. i think making money online is not a big problem anymore, even w ehave no money (but internet access, coz it is must). i will give free report how to make dollar from online without paying anything.

  5. Great Post Prime! I definitely agree with you in that if you don’t have passion for what you are trying to make money in then whats the point? I have found from past experiences that what I enjoy doing most yields me the best profits. Thanks for the post!

    • Hello, we need to have that passion, whatever it is – so we can thrive online. There’s no overnight success, if we do not enjoy what we do, we cannot achieve our goal of making money online. Thank you for sharing 🙂

      • Hi Prime,

        Passion makes the difference whether you give up or persist for the long haul when the inevitable stumbling blocks get in your way.


        • Hi Jen,

          Brilliant – can I borrow this line for my new post?? You are right, passion makes the difference. If you love what you do – no matter what happen, you won’t give up! That’s what I am doing here – I love blogging and it’s part of being me! 🙂

  6. The best thing is to focus on one money making venture. When I first started, I wanted to make money in 500 different ways instead of just narrowing down my focus. When I realized that I failed with my first mindset, I finally narrowed myself down to one blog with one focus.

    This is what I constantly tell my website visitors. I talk about so many different ways to make money online but the most important thing is to become a master at something.

    Thanks for the great information and it is definitely helpful for all beginners.

  7. I think it is so important to focus on one endeavor until it becomes successful. Of course, the biggest thing of all is just finding a system you feel comfortable with, and then getting started!

    • So what do you think the best system/platform that you are comfortable using? I love blogger but when I migrated to wordpress, I say this is incredible! 🙂

  8. I have been in this business (emarketing, affiliate marketing, blogging) for 5 years and i ve found easy ways to win money.

    1) investing commodities (gold, oil,etc)- here

    2) make your own website selling a service like article writer, fixing computers online (eliminating viruses via remotely, etc)

    3) study keywords, find a niche and select an specific market and make a website selling those products that your market is searching for.

    Thanks for your article, is good for SEO beginners.

  9. Thanks site admin for this valuable article post. I am a new blogger. I have a web design blog. I want to earn money by blog. This article very help me about make money online.

  10. Hello Prime,

    As mentioned you did an excellent job of explaining the basics of how to make money online. I believe that with the right mindset, proper coaching and determination anyone can learn how to create a profitable online business for themselves. As you mentioned in the conclusion of your article, the key is “not to look for shortcuts” but be prepared to put in the work needed to achieve success.

  11. Well i have tried affiliate marketing before but it was not a success, now i am trying my hands with blogging with adsense as monetizing method, and i hope i will get better results this time.


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