How to Make a Moving Animated GIF in 5 Easy Steps


Here’s a little tutorial on how to make animated GIFs. You can use GIFs to add a little pizzazz to you writing, because presentation matters, as I’ve pointed out in this article: Why Presentation Matters. Although it also pays to have creative content, even if it’s just an introduction, like this one: How To Make A Creative Introduction


I made a simple GIF but you can make really complicated ones too if you want. The programs I used to make this were paint (since it’s already installed in my computer) for the drawing, and photoscape (because it’s free to download) to animate the gif.

These are the steps to make the animated GIF (note: you only need to follow steps one to five, step 6 is just a bonus if you want more challenge, or find your GIF too boring):


1. First draw something that you want to move, I just used a simple arrow in this case. Save it using “1” as its file name. This will make it easier for you to remember that this will be the first photo for your GIF.


2. Select the part that you want to move, and then move it just a little bit. Save that new photo as “2”. Notice that the difference between photo “1” and photo “2” is not that big. That’s to prevent your animated GIF from looking like it is skipping and make the movement more fluid.


3. Move the part again a bit and save it as “3”. Keep moving and saving until your object reaches the part that you want it to reach. In the example I made, you can see that I have made it reach my text.


4. Now open photoscape and select “animated GIF” from the main menu. Now select the photos starting from “1” until the last one you made.

5. Save the animated GIF and then you’re done! You can now upload that GIF and add it to your articles, like this one:


6. Like I mentioned above, if you find your GIF a bit too boring, you can add something more. In this example, I made the arrow change color too once I reached the end. What I did was edit the last photo by changing its color. I saved the different colors I made. I then added those photos to the end of the GIF and ended up with this:


I know this GIF is a bit too basic, so I’ll put up another tip on how to make one that’s a bit more exciting, although still pretty easy to make.

Credits: all images were made by me and content is also by me

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  1. wow… very nice … i never thought of making gif is as easy as that… thank you so much.. muwaaaaaaaaah…. very very helpful


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