How to Make a Beating Heart Animated GIF in 6 Easy Steps



Here’s another tutorial on how to make animated GIFs. My first tip on animated GIFs was more basic, and this one will be easier to follow if you read that one first. You can go see that tip here: How To Make An Animated GIF

The programs I used for this animated GIF were (which is different from paint) for the drawing and photoscape to animate the GIF. The reason why I used these two is because they are both free and I love free stuff. Haha. Anyway, here are the steps to make the animated GIF:

1. First draw a heart using (photo 1 below). Save it as a .JPEG file and the name the file as “1” since it’s going to be the first part of the animated GIF.
2. After the heart is done, use bulge effect (still using on the drawing, but set it to a low bulge (set at 10) so that it won’t be too noticeable. Save that as “2” (photo 2 below).
3. Open the original photo (“1”) and use bulge effect again, this time making the bulge a bit noticeable (set at 20). Then save that as “3” (photo 3 below).
4. Repeat step 3 with increasing bulge (one set at 30 and another set at 40). Save those photos as “4” and “5” (photos 4 and 5, respectively).
5. As you can see below, you will then have 5 different photos with increasing bulge. Open photoscape and choose “animated GIF” from the menu.

6. Once in the animated GIF screen, add the photos labeled 1 to 5. An animated preview of the GIF will appear and if you’re happy with the animation, save it.

The final product will then be in a GIF format, and you can preview it using internet explorer. You can then upload it, and add it to an article if you like, just like the beating heart at the beginning of this tip. 🙂


Credits: Images and content were all by me. I put up this animations because presentation matters, and here’s a tip on the benefits of presentation, if you’re interested: Why Presentation Matters

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