How to Make $889 in a month with Adsense and Facebook… Secret revealed!

So, I am going to reveal how I made $889 last February on a four-month-old Adsense account with super engaged traffic from Facebook.

Actually, my favorite website ( has already talked about this several times… however, if your budget is not that much — is it possible to follow his method?

The answer is YES. So read on…

First thing…

You need to have an Adsense account. The method below might work with other ad networks, but I am still testing it out. I have proven this to work on Adsense 101%.

For beginners, I will show the step by step guide really quick…

Step One — Create a Blog

Without a blog, you can’t proceed. Of course, it’s not late to start a blog from scratch. If you want to make money out of your passion, you can write and share something interesting about your life or hobby… Don’t be shy to share. There are people who would love to read that.

I would recommend you to start blogging on WordPress, and buy your hosting and domain on NameCheap — it’s literally cheap and they have a monthly plan… so you won’t be paying for the web hosting subscription for the whole year!

Otherwise, if you just want to start a blog for FREE, without paying a dime — you can start it with

Step Two — Write Useful Content

You can’t get approved with Adsense without some high quality blog posts. You really need to spend time writing some awesome articles…

So, getting approved with Adsense requires effort and time. You also need a lot of patience… For some lucky bloggers, they could get easily approved with a few posts and a young domain (less than 6 months old)…

But in my own experience, I get my Adsense approved with a 7-month-old domain…

Before stuffing your blog with content — analyze first your target audience… since you will be using Facebook to bring engaged traffic to your Adsense site.

Think of a topic that your audience would possibly engaged with… think about necessity…

So, in my case, I have written about quick cash loans — and people can’t resist it.

Yet, make sure that you are knowledgeable about the subject. So, better pick a niche that you can relate with.

Step Three — Create a Facebook Page for Your Blog

Within a few weeks of starting your blog — create your Facebook page so you can start bringing in people who would be interested with your blog.

Don’t wait for too long… it is better to start early with your Facebook page because it is your way to making a lot of money with Adsense.

There are several ways to increase your page likes, you may invite your friends to support you by liking your newly built page.

I have found out that the most effective way to increase your page likes and engagement is when you promote your Facebook page for likes… however, I would not recommend that and better save your hard earned money for latter… we will be using that effectively.

Updating and posting on your Facebook page on a regular basis will do justice…

Step Four — Work On Some Important Pages on Your Blog

  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy Page

These three (3) pages are vital for your Adsense approval. You can hardly have an Adsense account approved without these 3 main pages…

So, start building it while you are also writing some quality articles or blog posts.

For the contact page, you can install a famous plugin called Contact Form 7. It is very easy to set-up and you can build a professional looking contact us page in no time…

Policy jargon? I know, but this is necessary. You don’t have to write it yourself, you can look for some free policy generator and it will do good for you… just edit it a little bit.

Step Five — Create a Clear Navigation for Your Readers

Use Genesis Framework by StudioPress if you want to have a professional looking blog in no time with clear navigation.

One of the best-selling Genesis child theme is Magazine Pro — the one that I am using for most of my sites. The set-up is easy and it is best for Adsense.

The design is clean and professional too!

Talking about the navigation — you can easily create a main menu that includes the following links:

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer (optional, or you may include this on the footer)

On the Magazine Pro Genesis child theme, you can place the main menu above the header… on desktop view, this well remain on the top when your readers scroll down below the page.

On mobile, the menu will be replaced with a hamburger icon with the word “menu” beside it.

If you have a few categories, you can also create a secondary menu that will be placed after the header. You can set this up easily on the Magazine Pro.

Step Six — Know Your Audience More and Continue Building Your Blog

Making money blogging is not an overnight success. It is a fruit of your hard work, so do not get tired or bored easily.

Be resourceful, I keep telling my friends that the internet has open doors for free information. You just need to do it yourself — search for ideas…

You can try to apply for Adsense without waiting for 6 months — but Adsense recommends to wait for at least 6 months for your blog to fully quality with the giant ad network. I know that this is not absolute, as other bloggers could start displaying Adsense ads earlier than 6 months.

But since you will be earning mostly from Cost Per Click (CPC), I suggest that you concentrate first on writing high quality blog posts and care more about keywords.

When you blog, you could not ignore keyword research completely. Search and study keywords with a high cost per click. Target those keywords if you can, but make sure you are not sacrificing the quality of your content for the sake of using high paying keywords.

Now, assuming your blog is mature enough — apply for Adsense

Apply for Adsense and wait for a few days… you might get a reply in less than 24 hours.

Don’t rush.

If your blog is finally approved, take time to read the policy first. Google is very strict…

They wanted you to follow their policy all the time.

Use Ad Inserter plugin to add Adsense codes on your blog.

Based on my experience, the best type is Link Ads. So, you can try this too:

  • Link Ads (responsive)
  • Place this just below the Post title
  • Customize the color of your link ads — use your website primary color — the border and the background color should be the same for better result.

While you can place more than 3 display ads this time, I would suggest not to stuff your page with too much ads, after all, you still want your readers to read your entire content and appreciate it.

Important: make sure that your website or blog is mobile responsive

In order to make lots of money from Adsense with a new Adsense approved blog — you have to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. That’s why I have recommend Magazine Pro Genesis child theme.

It is 100% mobile responsive!

Why? Can’t you make money with desktop users? Of course, you still can — but we are using Facebook ads to drive super engaged traffic to your blog.

Believe it or not, almost all users you are driving from Facebook come from high-end mobile devices…

Last and Final Step: Pick your best piece, post it on your FB page and boost it!

So, aside from blogging, you also need to study Facebook advertising… but it should come in handy.

Do not stressed yourself, as I said, you have the internet as you go-to source of information! And it’s free and finding the best tutorial on how to boost a post on Facebook is in your fingertip! Start Googling now…

Important tip: In order to get approved with your Facebook ad, don’t do a hard sell…

Also, when creating a post, don’t forget to set a featured image, since Facebook will automatically pick your featured image. You can set your featured image while editing or publishing a post on your WordPress blog.

Target the right audience: In order to have super engaged traffic from Facebook, you should target the right audience.

I am not really a Facebook ad expert, so my audience targeting is simple — I only advertise on my country (Philippines) since my topic is very country specific.

But you can target interest specific audience and a lot more tweaks you can do once you know more about it… If I were you, go to YouTube and watch tutorials on how to use Facebook ads effectively.

Start with a low budget. I have started around $5 a day with my Facebook ads and it generated me like $45 on average of Adsense revenue on a daily basis. I had increased my Facebook ad spending gradually over time until I was earning an average of $65 on a daily basis!

In February 2019, since I had started my advertising late (Feb. 11), I just made $889, but on March 2019, I would have earned $1900.

HOWEVER — my Adsense account was permanently disabled by Adsense.

I am still sharing this because the reason why my Adsense account was banned IS NOT due to invalid traffic. So, Facebook traffic is legitimate for your Adsense blog. I had been sending Facebook traffic since November 2018…

Be Careful with Facebook and Adsense…

Once you have a Adsense approved blog — money making is easy. However, getting banned is easy, as well.

So, be careful.

For example, if you want to outsource content along the process — make sure there would be no copyright issues.

And credit all possible sources all the time… Adsense may notice this any time soon.

Facebook might ban your Facebook account, as well… so be careful. I got one banned. You should have multiple Facebook accounts… better yet, study Facebook business manager!

I hope this post is helpful to you. If you have questions, please drop it below.

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