How To Let You Retire Before Ages Of 40

It’s everyone dream to able to enjoy early retirement before ages of 40 but sometime you need to wake up from dreaming to achieve it instead continue sleeping with your aim.

There are couple of tips that you can get yourself prepare for early retirement including:

  • 1. Strategical financial planning starting right now. You definitely need a financial freedom lifestyle after retire instead need to worry of daily expenses. So you need to get yourself planned starting today. You should expand income source and build a strong residual income that can let you continue have cash flow after quit your day job.
  • 2.  Make your medical coverage included after retirement. You need to get covered by insurance and medical benefit after retirement. Usually medical card expenses are relatively more expensive if buy it individual instead of cooperate rate. So, you need to factor in this element within your retirement plan.
  • 3. Built up strong passive income source. Even without daily job, you still able to survive and cover monthly expenses such as electricity bills, groceries expenses and other medical fees. So, you need to have a strong passive income that let you enjoy retirement life.
  • 4. Well debt management. You need to achieve zero debt before retirement day else don’t think about retire. If you continue have debt, then still need to work hard to paid those debt every month. It’s hard to retire while still have debt tie to you.

You need to get yourself prepare for early retirement from now on, else you’ll be having hard time and miserable consequences when the day reach.

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3 thoughts on “How To Let You Retire Before Ages Of 40”

  1. i filed for early retirement years ago… after 15 years of service.. well it was because I got bored with routine job… hahaha now I am still working (thank God) and I found a new job a bit exciting a different one.. though my salary is not as good as what I was receiving before.

  2. I also retired so early from day job due to too much pressure and family needs.I still tried to earn though a little than before like having a small business, then turned to online writing though earning here is so small.

    • I just can’t understand why retiring before age of 40? it seems like working age has just started at 25 to 30? so 40 i think is a bit too early for retirement…


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