How to know what to buy?

This advice is specially meant for those persons who have a sudden urge to go and buy things when they get their money.  And once it is gone they realize that they have spent an important part of their money in things they don’t actually need.

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How do you feel about that? For some persons they experiment anguish, rejection and sadness.  These are really negative feelings and should not be associated with something positive as it is the administration of someone’s money.

But there are some things you can do.  For example, try to create your own test to know if what you are planning to buy worth it.  Some of the questions that you may consider to include are

  1. Can I live without having to buy this?  This question only tells us if it is an essential product people simply cannot stop buying without a significant detriment to their lives.
  2. Are there other products that are cheaper in the market that can bring me the same benefits that I look?  Also consider the quality of the products.
  3. Can I have a better benefit if I just wait and buy it in the near future?  For example in technology product there is the possibility of a new release in the near future.  So instead of buying for a product that will decrease its price in a couple of weeks you can wait and buy a better one.  Also consider season discounts and visiting specialized shops that can offer you better offers.

It is fine to pamper yourself from time to time.  But always do it when you have already bought what you need and also if it is possible leaving a space to save money for the future that will help you to fulfill bigger projects and not only to cover your daily needs.

2 thoughts on “How to know what to buy?”

  1. As a mom I am always following my budget system, before I buy I make sure if it is need at home, is there any alternative, if we need it then I am looking for best deal. This is a great Tip being thrifty doesn’t mean that you are depriving yourself its just that your are spending your money wisely.


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