How to know if you have a kidney problem?

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Mavic’s Photo Collection

Let me tell you about a true and sad story of a cranky man and his smell.   I have a co worker.  He’s very cranky.  No one likes him in the workplace.   He’s attitude was highly unacceptable.  He shouts at the people, and he’s very  confrontationist.   Most of the time the security guards cry on his untactful comment and yes he yells.   In other words, he seemed to be unhappy working in the company.   Oh wait, everybody has to stay away from him aside from his uncanny attitude he also had a very foul smell.    Every time he speaks we should hold our breath and then finish the conversation the soonest possible time so we can excuse ourselves.   Even his body smell really is very intolerable.

I known he’s aware of his smell that’s why he covers it with strong male perfume.  The perfume didn’t help  in fact it worsen the situation.    Every time we see this person, he’s sulking or his brows were almost already connected like the letter V at the middle of his forehead.   He’s never had call in sick, in other words, he’s at work every day.

Of course, gossips here and there never stopped.   Was he like that 25 years ago?   The answer, nope he’s not.  In fact, he’s a sweet fellow and a hard working man.  He never left his room without finishing his job.  He’s by the way an artist so he had his own room.

What seems to be the problem of this man?  Was he burned out for working there for almost 25 years?  Was he really cranky because he’s getting old?  Was he having Family problems that we just didn’t know?

One day he was just rush in the hospital.  Diagnosis, he’s been suffering from kidney problem.   Little we knew of, he’s been sick all those years.


tipsHow did his attitude manifest as sickness?

  • Irritability:    His crankiness, and irritability showed that he’s been in pain but he’s just not telling people about it.   His facial expressions were not showing disagreement or dismay but actually hidden “pain”.
  • Smell:  This was the most noticeable  symptoms he had manifested.   We all thought that he had gingivitis and halitosis because of his bad breath.  We thought that he just had a poor hygiene habit.   But the amonia breath and  the unpleasant scent  coming out from his body also  is one of the symptoms that kidney is already failing from its functions.
  • Fatigue and tiredness:   We didn’t recognize this on him because our work is really tiring  and stressful.\
  • Swell:  Yes, he’s bloated a bit, not fat but bloated.

The other symptoms that he had according to his family were,

  • Problem in urine and loss of appetite.

He went through several dialysis sessions and his health was improved including his body odor.


 Do you have kidneys?  Why do we have them?

We all know that the kidneys main functions are filtering and  removing wastes from our blood.  Where do we get these wastes?  We get them from food, toxins and drugs we are taking and eating.    If the kidney will fail to remove these wastes,  then there could be a great damage to our system and to our health.    This is the main reason why we pee and why peeing is very important.

His story after retiring from work.

After leaving his office for the retirement,  someone has to replace him, so cleaned up his stuff and to our surprise, we found a lot cup noodles pile up.   Not just 50 not just 100 but really a lot.   It looks like he’s building a castle from those empty cup noodles.

We then thought, maybe these were the cause of his health problem.  Another theory, maybe he’s sense of taste was very bad that’s why he had to take something with stronger taste like these cup noodles.

But one thing is for sure,  it is really unhealthy to eat cup noodles.

He passed away from so many complications after a year of treatment.  He was not able to gain friends at work, not even a security guard.

Moral Lessons

  • Be aware of some “unusual” things you feel and observe about your body.
  • Too much depression might not because of  outside issues but more the inner problems.
  • Overly fatigue, stressed  or tired there might be something wrong, and “resting and sleeping”  might not just be the answer.
  • lack of sleep or over sleep.

If you don’t like to consult the doctor yet you can always check the internet to verify and validate your situation.    Little problems like bad breath (without toot decay and you were not before), or a  lump here or there might be an indication of something serious inside our system.  If ever you come across an alarming fact that you might be facing, don’t hesitate to see a doctor.

Most of the time our body is telling us something that we are just ignoring or blaming other factors.    Please listen to it.


Another moral lesson to ponder upon.

Mavic's Photo Collection
Mavic’s Photo Collection

He passed away with a sad soul I know, most of the people at work did not go to his wake and funeral.  I can’t blame them, because his attitude and odor brought him into that state.   A very few people understood that he was like that because he was suffering from pain by that time.

However, now that we are so aware of these probable symptoms we must be conscious at all time.   Seeing someone in sulking or angry face doesn’t mean anger or sadness, there might be something inside this person.   Unpleasant smell might not be a cause of poor hygiene but something else .   Crankiness or uncanny attitude must be lack of some kind of hormones such as serotonin.   Who would know what this person is going through and we don’t have any right to judge anyone.

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34 thoughts on “How to know if you have a kidney problem?”

  1. That poor man. Very sad story indeed. But it’s all quite true. Some very good lessons to be learned from this article – about health, judging people and dealing with a person who may be suffering in silence due to a health problem.

    About the noodles – I just recently read that a certain brand of noodles is very detrimental to your health. Unfortunately it’s a poplar brand, especially among college students. Easy to prepare, microwavable and filling, they love them. Such a shame this man wasn’t aware. Knowing what we put in our bodies is very important. I think you know how fussy I am about the food I eat. LOL I’m glad to say that all my body parts seem to be functioning normally. At least as far as I can tell. Except my brain but that’s an old story, an old problem with no easy cure. : /

    • I will make a research about “your brain” problem, so we will find the easiest cure. do you consider Lobotomy? LOL..

      this was a true story. wow.. I never thought of that.. those lessons.. thank you so much for appreciating and stressing those out. Never really thought that I hit three values, health, judgement and compassion. thanks.. now I changed my mind about the lobotomy you really don’t need one.

      • Well, I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. hahahaha

        Yes, it’s a very insightful article and definitely makes one think. A lobotomy might be nice. I could use a change of mind. hahaha I’m so funny today. 🙂

        • wow… I never thought that a lobotomy can change someone’s mind. I thought it will just make someone like “robotic” .

          I can feel your excitement… maybe because of the hot fudge sundae. I want to have one now.

          Thank you so much for that. I really do appreciate that comment. insightful article. awwww… my effort has been paid off.. It took me two days to finish this article.

          • I think it will definitely change your mind. Isn’t becoming robotic having your mind changed? From a thinking human being to a hardly think zombie-like person. I’d say that’s a big mind change.

            That’s what I need right now at 2:30am – ice cream. 🙂

            I can tell it involved a certain amount of work. And thoughtfully done too. I’m always interested in health issues and what to avoid. Funny that you mentioned the noodles right after I heard a report about them being very unhealthy.

          • yes, that’s true, and I can’t imagine that even the smell could be a symptom of health problem.

            so I am into”noodles” hehehe.. but not everyday. and i put vegetables in it

            ice cream? where?

          • I never thought about a smell in connection with a health problem. Ewww. But yes, your kidneys filter out waste from your body and I imagine if they aren’t working there would be a smell.

            Don’t eat so many noodles. Or buy the fresh ones you have to cook yourself. The instant ones aren’t really good for you. But I think food in Thailand is a much better quality than over here. Maybe there’s no problem. Just don’t eat American made food. It’s poisonous.

            Ice cream – there’s plenty in my freezer. Come on over. 🙂

          • really it was weird for us too. but yes the smell was really irritating.

            haha Yes, we have so many vegetables, I just resort to noodles because it is the only food that i can stock without refrigeration. but my noodles are in the ref. LOL if I have a chance to buy “real” food like vegetables I do buy them.

            No american food here. in fact I miss eating pizza and burger

          • Ewwww. I can’t even imagine.

            I like a lot of vegetables but lately I’ve been living on ice cream. : /

            But even the food in the PH is good food, I’m sure. As long as the pizza and burgers are made there, no worries.

          • like madonna? living in a material world.. yours is living in an ice cream world.

            . i want to taste real american food .. hu hu hu not vegetables all the time.. vegetables in the morning, then lunch and then evening… even the sandwich vegetable filling… huhuhu all vegetables… (stomping feet now and ruining the pony tail)

          • That sounds wonderful to me — an ice cream world. That would make a good story – “An Ice Cream World” by Mavic.

            You don’t want real American food. It’s full of GMOs, pesticides, steroids and antibiotics. I’ll take you to where I buy food. It doesn’t have all that stuff in it.

            Are you having a tantrum? haha Go to bed. 🙂

          • lol. I want the american food. You are an american and you don;’t like to share your food to me.. argh! hmp! grrrrrr

            Just been to my Ice cream world… dreamland.. good morning to you while evening here

  2. He had a very sad life. How about his family, did they not notice about his situation? Instant noodles with so many additives could be one of the culprits. Also did he drink water after eating it?

    • His family is okay. i think they knew what his problem was but he’s a bit stubborn.
      about the noodles, we really don’t know if he ate them all. but they were so many cups. and we didn’t even know how he survived alone in his room. You know he’s alone the entire day, just going out if we have a meeting or when going to time out. once he reported in, he will be in his room for the entire day.

  3. So sad!!!! I could not think of exact words for this. I could imagine the pain that he had when he was still working.. He was alone in his room at the office and faced his problem alone too, but now he must have found rest and comfort with his Creator.

  4. So it means that he cold not accept his condition and he feels like his condition has taken his :life” and so he takes it all on you. Such poor soul.

    • he died of complications actually. Maybe that’s the problem when a part of the body malfunctions.

      He can’t take blame us for his sickness. but actually we did show anything to make him feel better, in fact even during the time when he was in the hospital. You know it was like all people took his crankiness against him.

      • I am guilty! Really, because when my mother in law was sick, I was mostly at the hospotal and she kept on asking for water every second, AS IN! The nurses told me that with the ventilator attached to her, the patient would really feel hot and thirsty. Imagine we were at Makati Med ICU which was freezing cold and my mom in law requested an elexcric fan which she wants to be just facing her all the time! And yeah, we all had our share of getting upset of having to stand up and give her water and to turn on and off the elcetric fan.

        • yes that’s why it is really helpful if we will be aware of our body changes.

          what’s your mom in law’s illness? was it as vital as my co worker’s?

          too bad that no one really cared for him at work. or the “friendship” they had when he was still OK gone sour

          • She was first diagnosed with Pneuomonnia in April 2013, then had a relapse on May 2014. When she was supposed to have just a check up, the doctors from St LUke’s told her that her condition worsensand that she needs to be admitted again. The culprit was unknown until after 6 weeks of hospitalization.– either pneumonia or tuberculosis. We decided to transfer her to Makati MEd. Just about two weeks after, the doctors told us she has Stage 4 Lung Cancer. She stayed for another 6 weeks then died.

          • was the first diagnosis right? I mean was the lung cancer just went out on Stage four after a year?

            but you know sometimes we really lack conviction of other people’s feeling.

          • it was just a few months of diagnosing pnuemonia to lung cancer. I am not sure why they were not able to detect it right from the first time Mommy was admitted. The whole 2013, we were at the hospital taking turns in taking care of her.

          • you know… my father was always the “Dolphy” type in John and Marsha sitcom. LOL.

            I hate it when men is like your father in law, it is not just too loving.

          • that’s exactly my point. we can just live once if we can’t be the best because we are not perfect we can always be better.

  5. I feel so sorry for him. I had no idea of all of those symptoms of kidney failure. If he didn’t realize how cranky he was or the way that people were reacting…that is really sad.

    • yes, and people talked about how hygienic he was. It was so devastating to find out that he was in a critical situation already.


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