How To Keep Yourself Focused When Working Online

When you are working online, it is easy to become distracted when you have people around you, or when you have various social media accounts that you would rather be playing around on. To help out with getting focused while working online, here is a quick tip: Make A “To Do” List In Your Computer’s Notepad.

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This is a rather simple, yet effective way to keep focused while working online. You can title the list with either “GOALS” or “TO DO”, then start making a list of the different things you wish to do. If you have things that you wish to do that really needs to be done within the next hour, you can have subheadings like “From now till 7pm” or “MUST be done before 8pm“. This will help you get even more focused so that you accomplish what you need to do in that particular time span.

Also, if you are going through your work, and suddenly realize that there is something else that you need to do that doesn’t take much time, go ahead and add it to your list. By doing so, you keep the discipline of only doing things that are on your list. And after completing a task, write the word “DONE” at the end of the task.

This doesn’t seem like much, but when you get ready to go home, or turn off your computer for the day, it is a really good feeling to look at your list, and see all the “DONE”s listed on your list of things that you needed to do. 🙂

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  1. These are nice tips. It covers all the “must” to be successful in online business. just be careful with the scam artists.


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