How to have effective conversations

A very common mistake people have when they are talking on their mobile phones or chatting with their friends or relatives is that they do not have effective conversations. We humans have the ability to talk for the pleasure of just talking which could be hood (and actually some people are really good at making conversations).

However, if we lose a lot of our time in gossiping or just talking and talking we may be losing a very important part of our times.

One easy way to stop this bad habit is to think that every conversation should have a purpose. One of the things that make human beings different from the rest of the animals is that we can talk using words. We can communicate using complex messages.

But are we talking just to talk? It should not be that way. The reason why we talk and communicate should be to send a message.

Before you make a call be clear on what you want to say and how are you going to say it (in case you have to talk about a sensible topic). If you already know what you want it will be easier to talk. Also try to go directly to the subject without being rude.

Sometimes, if you know you have to talk to a person that makes you lose time talking for ours and you simply cannot do it or would not like to waste your time, it would be ok that you send a direct message to this person or send him/her an email.

There are certainly other ways to have effective conversations. Please feel free to share your experience.

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  1. To be able to have a great conversation, both should be able to hear each other’s side/views and then try to say your opinions about it. It should always be a two-way street.


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