How to have a good Health through Food

1. Make sure you eat two different fruits daily, one before your breakfast another one after your dinner
2. Find time to eat three square meals and balance diet; do not wait until you are hungry
3. Drink at least a cup of water after eating, to help your system in circulation and digestion of the food
4. Make sure you rest on your dining sets for at least five minutes after meal
5. Some of your foods carry germs and worms e.g. meat, fish, e.t.c. Make sure you cook them very well before eating
6. Always cover your food and make your utensils, kitchen and your environment neat.
7. Endeavor to eat with cutleries; otherwise, you wash your hands very well
8. Make sure you eat bones in your soup to make your teeth strong
9. Do not always consume too much raw sugar to avoid pile. Whenever you consume much, make sure you drink a teaspoonful of lemon juice

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