How to go to heaven.

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Mavic’s Personal Photo Collection

I will start this article by telling a story.   Five professionals  died in a plane crash.  Their age varies.  These professionals immediately went to heaven.   Upon entering the heaven’s gate they were questioned, one by one.    Apparently not all will be accepted right there and then.  In other words,  they have to pass through a screening process first.   A single question was asked.  “Why do you think you should be accepted here in heaven?”  (Yeah just like a College Entrance interview, yeah?”)   Anyway, back to the story,   a 50 year old man was in the line first.    He was asked  “Why do you think you should be accepted here in heaven?”   I was  a lawyer,   and I did a lot of pro bono jobs for those less fortunate clients.  I made sure that justice was served.    hmmm.. ok   go to the seat and wait for your name to be called.     The Angel then said “next, please”.

The next woman came in her mid 30’s,  she said,  I think I should be accepted here in heaven because I worked as a social worker.  I gave every poor families something for them to start with.    The Angel, then nodded.. and said.. “Ok take a seat  beside Mr. Lawyer, Thank you.    Next please.     This one was running forward to the angel.   He’s wearing white robe… and around 40’s.    He said… I was a doctor and I treat people without payment if they don’t have money.    The angel, smiled… and said.. ok   Doc,  please sit down.

The fourth one came rushing in, too before the Angel say “next”, he’s 25 years old (so early to pass, isn’t he)   Ok… then he said,   I was soldier when I was alive.  defending the country from bad forces.  In fact, I dedicated my time defending my country.     Then the Angel with a surprised look,  said… Ok then, Mr.  Young Soldier,  take your seat and wait for your name to be called,   Thank you.  The young man sat down.


The fifth one… walked very slowly,  her hair was gray and with wrinkled skin.  The Angel waited  and thought… this one looked so old,  maybe she’s around 70 years old… The old lady finally  reached the  Angel .. and she was asked .  “Why do you think  you should be accepted here in heaven?”   The old woman  could hardly speak.  She could not speak of her accomplishments.   She can’t think of things she did good while she was alive.     She didn’t  save a country neither  defend the poor people  from oppression.   .She thought she did not heal someone but she was busy attending to the needs of other children.    She thought,  she didn’t have enough time for herself for she devoted her time to the children not her own.   She looked at the Angel, and humbly said…  I don’t think I should be here…. I had no accomplishment nothing  to brag about.   I only knew one job,  and that is to teach that lawyer to be fair and just,   that woman  to be compassionate,  the doctor to be emphatic and that young man to be courageous and brave.

The Angel was delighted to hear this…  and right away, ordered to open the gate.. and say… You among those deserved to be in heaven, because without you there will be no lawyer to defend to  justice,   no doctor to cure the sick people,   no social worker to look after the welfare of the other people.. and definitely no soldier to fight for the freedom of the country.

The heaven was delighted.  As this old woman slowly entering the gate.. the other angels blew their trumpets to welcome her in a most delightful and triumphant way. Then  a  hand reached her hand and guide her towards the paradise.

Mavic's Photo Collection
Mavic’s Photo Collection


On October 5,  International  Teacher’s Day will be celebrated.     Now most of us are professionals or at least have reached a certain level in life.    we know how to read and write,  aren’t we?   so, at least one of the people we have to looked back for these achievements are the teachers who have taught us what life is.  Good or bad, we learned from them.




tipsHow to thank our teachers

1.  by posting this article to your FB  as part of a tribute to them.  I am sure most of them are old now.

2. by acknowledging them.

3.  if you can still see them around,  greet them and thank them.  I am sure it will be “heaven” for them to be remembered.

I am a teacher, I know how it feels when a student approach an old teacher and acknowledging her/him.     I know how it feels.  A former student greeted me one time in the mall and thank me, in front of my other friends.  They were all happy and teased me .. but you know the feeling was “great”.


 Teachers were our second parents whether we admit it or not…

 Give this day to them.

 To all the teachers….  Happy Teachers’ Day


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Life is a journey. Learn from every step of it.

12 thoughts on “How to go to heaven.”

    • yes, I agree. there may not be some “not so good” teachers but a lot are still on a focus of honing skills of the young fellows to be good people and successful in life.

      thanks for putting up good words about teachers to your son.

  1. Happy Teacher’s Day!!! What a great story! I really enjoyed that. I often think of the nuns who taught me when I was in grammar school. Or my high school teachers. I think they’re probably all passed on now but teacher’s do make a BIG difference in the lives of children. I told you once that I’m sure you have students that will never forget you. They’ll tell stories to their children about the things or the ways you taught them. I know you’re a very unforgettable individual. And an excellent teacher. Hugs to you on Teacher’s Day and every day. 🙂

    • thank you so much. hahaha it seems that I wrote this article so everybody will greet me happy teachers’ day. LOL.

      See, that’s good enough for them to be remembered and to share your wonderful experiences with them.

      One or two students remember me when I get older, senile and forgetful will count a lot. Just like I won in the lottery already.

      thanks for the hugs.

  2. Wow! That’s a very nice tribute to a teacher! Happy Teacher’s Day to you @mavic123456:disqus! We also have two teachers in our family, and my late mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law are all teachers too! I salute all of you for your noble deeds to teach children (and adults too!)

    • thanks so much.. Yepeee my tribute is effective for I also get Happy teacher’s day greetings.

      well it is nice to be a teacher, honestly speaking.

  3. What a wonderful story. This is a great tribute to teachers. I remember a Prof. Prepotente, our teacher in social studies back in grade 6. She was one of my favorite teachers ever.

      • She challenge us to question everything we see. This helped us understand social constructs and norms and how it came to be. She would tell us that society is constantly changing. We had to notice the subtle changes to appreciate it more. For a 6th grader, it was a little to deep. But she made it simple and beautiful. Plus she gave us free chalk to play with. LOL

        • awww how an effective teacher affects a person’s life.

          by the way that’s my style too. allowing students to write on the board or I made so many white boards so students can write answers on it. hmmm I will write about them… and how i made them.
          and I know the students think it is nice write on the board. LOL

  4. If I see a potential in a student, I encourage him/her to teach. The world needs good and dedicated teachers.


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